Taigen Hand Painted RC Tank Early Version Tiger I Grey Camo - Full Metal Upgrade - 2.4GHz

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This is the latest version with all new full 360 degree rotating turret!
This is an early version of German Tiger I RC tank with highly detailed hand finished grey camo. The Taigen BB tanks are of the highest quality and are brand new to the market. What differentiates them from other tanks is the high level of detail and the strong metal components. Taigen tanks are available in different configurations but the ones we sell are the highest configuration with every possible option and upgrade included.

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  1. First Taigan tank

    By Robert February 19, 2018

    Really good model does everything it says on the box look forward to getting the upgraded Tiger soon.
    Thank Nitrotek for your prompt service.

  2. First Taigen tank

    By Bob February 19, 2018

    Really good model does everything that i expected it too, it arrived on time well packed and I really can't fault it. Looking forward to getting the upgraded Tiger soon.
    thank you Nitrotek for your prompt service.

  3. Beautiful Tiger

    By Pal November 11, 2017

    I knew that this tank would be expensive for me because I live in Norway.
    Shipping and customs are expensive for Norwegians.
    Selected Nitrotek since I have read that they have good customer service and that they sell the Tigen brand.
    Out of photos it's not easy to judge how nice the tank is, so I hoped it was great especially considering the total price.
    The tank is absolutely beautiful, heavy and feels like it's good quality to.
    Nitrotek was shipping fast and it was a trouble free trade.
    All I have to put my finger on is the front-mounted spare belt that is painted plastic
    But spare metal belts are on the way
    Think this will complete the tank

  4. Tiger 1.. excellent

    By Andy November 03, 2016

    This arrived today and the much anticipated box opening took place.. On initial inspection the build quality not quite what I expected as far as metal parts, but good nonetheless. The instructions are not particularly detailed as to opening the thing to place the battery in position. Namely its not just a question of sliding the lever near the mudflap and lifting. You also have to disconnect the plastic pipes to the other exhaust parts. Also once the lid was open I found a small 2 pin connector adrift, with only one location it would possibly go, but the plug was too big. having seen a video of one of these open, I knew it was correct, but the only way to fit it was to shave a certain amount off all 4 sides of the plug..no mean feat with a nail file.. On further investigation it is apparently for a rear light that you can fit.. Overall though immensely pleased and would recommend..

  5. Il re dei Tank

    By Fabio February 09, 2016

    Ottimo prodotto, e un panzer in miniatura di Ben 7 kg!!!! Anche se caricare la batteria risulta un po scomodo...si poteva fare di meglio.Ottimo prezzo per un carro full metal, spedizione in Italia super rapida, brava Nitrotek, continua cosi!

  6. First tank

    By geoff November 24, 2015

    This is a heavy metal tank solid and of good quality im very pleased with this well done Nitro Tec.

  7. Good Quality item.

    By Ronald February 05, 2015

    Very nice item to be used or mostly displayed in my case, may buy another to display alongside this one. Delivery was quick and came to me undamaged, box and tank.

  8. superb

    By pohl February 03, 2015

    just had a quick go with the tiger, as it is 9 30 on a Tuesday evening evening.
    what can I say, absolutely brilliant. cant wait to get it outside for a proper run.
    I ordered this on Sunday and it arrived on Tuesday, with superb packaging via an amazing courier service.
    the tiger is bigger than I was expecting and heaver than I thought it would be, which all makes for a wonderful machine.
    the quality is excellent apart from the tank commander but you don't buy a tank like this for the commander.
    everything worked first time. the sound of the machine gun, engine, recoil and turret movement were loud and drowned out the TV hence only a quick go. don't want the wife to complain!!!
    to say I am pleased is an understatement.
    well worth the purchase price.
    and a big thanks to nitrotek for a great service.

  9. perfection.

    By johnwilliam January 24, 2015

    hiya,i must say I was elatedby the speed of dly,thee very well packed tiger1,as I finaly unpacked my tiger1 full metal upgrade,what a beatyfull rc tank,the photos were brilliant,everything abought the tank,was spot on,even my wife loves it,my feedback for nitrotek is.5*A++++thank+++you++++so+++much++++

  10. Epic!

    By Tigg July 11, 2014

    Great machine! You cannot get better value than this epic tank. The detail is great and she is real solid, very heavy... The paint job is great. The suspension is a joy to watch. Very good mechanical function of this Tiger, and sounds great.
    Good maneuverability, and plenty of torque for rough stuff.

    If you want to get into 1:16 tanks these Taigen versions are very very good, you will soon start to want more. And possibly mods...
    A whole great modding community out there to keep your wallet light, and other half rolling her eyes at you. >_< Haha!

    If anything is broken over the years in the heat of battle there are parts beyond belief out there. So don't stress it! :)
    That's if you so wish to mod this already fine tank. Love it.

    I would recommend this tank to anyone, especially if you play a certain online tank game... You know who you are out there. ^_^;

    Very happy with the quick and no fuss from Nitrotek! Great company! I would so very much love to see more versions of these Taigen tanks here in the future. And I bet there are loads of people out there too that would love to see them.

    I have just got the King Tiger from here on Nitrotek too.
    Might give the old wallet a break... But not too long, that late version Tiger looks mighty tempting too.

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