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The NB16-T is a mini nitro radio controlled car with a big powerful punch. Small enough for back yard racing but powerful enough to outrun a lot of full scale models! All the features and more that you would expect from a full size nitro car have been squeezed into this little monster truck. The result is a serious bit of kit for major back garden fun.

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  1. good but...

    By emma August 29, 2014

    i need help iv just got this car Tuesday its good fun but it taking me and my boyfriend ages to start our fingers where bleeding pulling the start that many times i no it has to be run in but surely it wouldn't take half an hour to start it up

    Nitrotek Says: Hi, if it does not start within a few pulls it means you have your settings wrong. Please watch the video or contact our support desk and they will guide you.

  2. worth it

    By Scott July 20, 2014

    I was very excited when i got this car and I found it easy to run it on my first time took me a few attempts to start it tho, I'm already looking to get a bigger scale but wanted to experience on a smaller scale first.

  3. Fantastic but...

    By jamez 94 January 15, 2014

    this car is absolutely fantastic and is very fast. i have had no problems wiv this little beuty. i hav run my in and litually it took 2 pulls of the pullstart and it fired away. such a gr8 truggy. very fast when you tune it aswell :) one thing though. this car isn't a strong little thing. but gr8. would recomend u buy it.

  4. very nice

    By nitroman December 27, 2013

    its a nice truggy but it could have been better

  5. nb16 nitro

    By gary6277 December 19, 2013

    This is my first nitro car, very excited when i got i was like a big kid.
    I had trouble starting but with help of internet etc i got it started i know cant stop touching it as i am doing the running in process first tank before i can drive it. Once i have done the first tanks i will be away.
    The only bit i had trouble with was getting the aerial into the tube .

  6. good

    By tractor man November 07, 2013

    iv had my truggy for about half a year and it is great and would recommend it to any beginner THANKS nitrotek

  7. very good

    By nick July 31, 2013

    I've had one for a couple of years now, and a while back upgraded to an 1/5th petrol model. today got this going again while waiting for parts for the 1/5th, and after a an hour or so cleaning it up with mr musle to get rid of all the old castor oil, it started after a couple of pulls. Quite a study little car, and only had to buy a new pull start as i down through a deep puddle and flooded the engine with water, then like a fool, tried to start it resulting in a wreck putstart. Would recommend it to anyone as is so small and quick, and can put to shame larger models.

  8. cool!!!!!!!!!111

    By monkeyboy July 17, 2013

    this is an amazing nitro truggy and would say to any one looking at a first car to buy it

  9. awsome and fast little car

    By christian June 15, 2013

    bought this truggy about 8 months ago a little fragile but as i break things i replace with upgrades. i have fitted with an aliminum exaust had it tuned properly and im putting in 25% nitro feul and there arnt many of my friends cars what can keep up. i am replacing the gear box with a 2 speed cannot wait!!!!! nitrotek are very helpful thanks

  10. Super

    By Juju43 December 10, 2012

    Voiture très bien faite pour les debutants a tester !

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