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Bundle Special - Conquistador Nitro RC Monster Truck With Free Fuel And Starter Set!

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SPECIAL BUNDLE OFFER - Buy now and get a free bottle of nitro fuel and a starter set! This is a great package if you are looking to get into nitro RC cars. You will have everything you need apart from normal AA batteries.

Unstoppable power allows this off road truck to go where others don't dare. For the serious off roader the Conquistador nitro radio controlled monster truck makes short work of the toughest terrains. The Monster SE version has a lot of upgrades pre installed.The shaft driven 4WD system ensures that you wont be getting this truck stuck in the mud.

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  1. great car

    By james talbot November 06, 2010

    i've played with it none stop throughout the school hols not broken yet!

  2. omg

    By gaza November 06, 2010

    had mine for 2 years took it to wales hit a rock flat out across the sands rolled about 15 times before crashing into the sea and yes i ran and retrieved it would you beleive it started back up and off it went highly recomend this car its almost indestructable but now my starter has broke so here i am ordering one thanks for all the fun nitro tek

  3. conquistador nitro truck

    By dwrmitchell09 November 06, 2010

    good car very fast bit hard to start but change to an electric and your away all round a good truck thats very fast and handles well thanks nitrotek

  4. wow

    By ryan November 06, 2010

    This truck handles anything you throw at it i flipped it 5 times today both going the good side of 30mph a few lil tweaks and it was back up and running just needed to adjust the suspension after the flip they go all funny. but its a great car recommend to any1 who wants to have some fun

  5. good car

    By aaron November 06, 2010

    good truck used none stop only broke once since xmas and that was the breakes and it takes a long time to start but apart from that this rc niro truck extremely good and i would reconmend it to anyone.(REALLY FAST)

  6. its really nice

    By jonathan November 06, 2010


  7. u know

    By u know November 06, 2010

    Absulutly fabiblidocious(fabulous).

  8. good truck

    By adam lane November 06, 2010

    This is a very high torpue truck it is alot of fun. I have had some problems with it but my amazing grandad fixed it. we have just ordered the metal parts and can't wait till they are here.

Items 41 to 48 of 48 total

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