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Bundle Special - Conquistador Nitro RC Monster Truck With Free Fuel And Starter Set!

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SPECIAL BUNDLE OFFER - Buy now and get a free bottle of nitro fuel and a starter set! This is a great package if you are looking to get into nitro RC cars. You will have everything you need apart from normal AA batteries.

Unstoppable power allows this off road truck to go where others don't dare. For the serious off roader the Conquistador nitro radio controlled monster truck makes short work of the toughest terrains. The Monster SE version has a lot of upgrades pre installed.The shaft driven 4WD system ensures that you wont be getting this truck stuck in the mud.

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  1. conquistador

    By kart man November 06, 2010

    this car is one of the best cars ive ever driven speeds are ammizing but not when u hit a football net at top speed

  2. truck

    By kainee boi November 06, 2010

    this is the best truck you can get it is totally worth the price and if you are looking for a nitro truck you should get this 1

  3. truck

    By kainee boi November 06, 2010

    dis truck is so worth its money so easy to control and it is so good i dont no wat to say about it

  4. coool

    By nasir November 06, 2010

    hi guys i thing this is soooo cool but does it broke a lot our is the special edition better???

  5. amazing

    By kipy November 06, 2010

    It iis worth more than the because i hav had like 20-25 huge crashes with it and all you need to do to fix it is get the screwdriver out thats it.its simply amense:).good stuff Acme

  6. speed?

    By anon November 06, 2010

    This car is brilliant. It looks good and handles well. Does anyone know what its top speed is though?

  7. ambolutley amazing

    By richard mcleod November 06, 2010

    very fast,very strong,great for starters in the nitro world. i would definetley recomend this to anyone who is deciding to buy the first petrol nitro car.

  8. great car

    By martin November 06, 2010

    I bought this car from a friend and he hadnt used it for a year so i had to buy new parts, most of the things didnt work but i had a go any way of trying to start it in a different way and the engine runs very well. good car, just check that there is bateries in the controller first. :S oops

  9. great car

    By dan November 06, 2010

    Great car...Don't crash it into kerbs. ;)

    Need some replacement parts now. :(

  10. excellent car

    By rob knowls November 06, 2010

    the car is great very fast although it does break down alot but all you need is a phillips skrewdriver and your on the road again very easy to fix 10 out of 10

Items 31 to 40 of 48 total

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