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Bundle Special - Conquistador Nitro RC Monster Truck With Free Fuel And Starter Set!

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SPECIAL BUNDLE OFFER - Buy now and get a free bottle of nitro fuel and a starter set! This is a great package if you are looking to get into nitro RC cars. You will have everything you need apart from normal AA batteries.

Unstoppable power allows this off road truck to go where others don't dare. For the serious off roader the Conquistador nitro radio controlled monster truck makes short work of the toughest terrains. The Monster SE version has a lot of upgrades pre installed.The shaft driven 4WD system ensures that you wont be getting this truck stuck in the mud.

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  1. really fun to use

    By jif March 05, 2012

    really good fun

  2. Awesome

    By DannyBoy January 01, 2012

    Great little motor in a great price range, had two little mishaps. The first was the exhaust, as it was attached to metal pipes but replaced it with the one offered as a spare on this site. Cheap at £14. The second was the shell. It went out of range and hit a wall at speed. The shell cracked so I'm looking for a new one at the moment but as it stands for the price this is a great quality car, I've had it for three years and I'm still using it now :)

  3. bien

    By Fabien October 04, 2011

    peu etre 5 etoiles je pence pour qualite et amusant j'espere bien recevoir la voiture

  4. Awesome

    By Trickster man September 05, 2011

    I've got 5 rc cars I'm a fanatic best one easily recommend completely 11 / 10

  5. funny

    By lolololol July 05, 2011

    cant wait to get it i think its going to be so good :)

  6. Good Car

    By Callum June 03, 2011

    This car is brill for beginners, it was my first experience of that kind of power, i broke mine badly by crashing into the wheel of a car, but cheap to repair, thumbs up ACME racing you have really pulled it of with this model :)

    P.S engine is good but it really needs fine tuning to run smooth other wise u will find it stalls when you floor it :)

  7. fast

    By kelly March 12, 2011

    vary vast strong handles really well its amazing car recommend it to any one

  8. Exicited

    By Thomas November 07, 2010

    WOW am very excited i have bought a few nitro models from this site before but not a monster truck i got it for the special deal of 99.99 really excited by the way how fast is it anyone

  9. truck

    By rob November 06, 2010

    im gonna get one soon looks cool and fast 10

  10. truck

    By ice man November 06, 2010

    i am going to get one of these soon and it looks well fast

Items 21 to 30 of 48 total

10 per page

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