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We have taken a standard Condor Pro and then crammed it with all the best optional parts that if purchased separately would cost a lot more. The Condor Pro Special Edition is the top of the range nitro RC car, with all the aluminium upgrades and performance enhancing parts the Condor Pro becomes a stronger and better performing model.

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  1. epic

    By mr foxon September 15, 2013

    this is my 3rd nitro car my first was a thunder tiger ssk v2 i built myself and a team associated mgt 8.0 but i have allways wanted a buggy so i bought this condor special edition and wow its epic. it is extreamly well built it is a beautiful buggy it is 1 of the best looking buggys you could buy no matter how much you spend it has a gourgoes noise and perfoms great on dirt and short grass long grass it could do about 25 -30 mph but after all it is a 1/10 scale on road it could do 50 - 60 mph it is easy to control whilst doing jumps atm my biggest jump with this is 6 ft and it is brilliant it also perfomes extremley well in the snow
    personally i would have expected this car 2 cost £350 due to the japanese build quality of the engine and the fact this is an awsome performing buggy
    i would recomend this buggy to anyone
    i couldnt find a single problem with this epic machine

  2. only ever had to buy one part for this buggy i bought two years ago. value for money isnt the word.

    By nitroteker February 08, 2013

    this is one hell of a buggy to play with. i bought it two years back & the only thing thats ever gone wrong with it is the pull start, i bought an electrical starter for it & now its back to being used weekly again. fantastic fun for all ages, im 49yrs old & it makes me feel like a kid again its that much fun to play with & very fast too for a little car believe me.

  3. Condor pro

    By jay August 06, 2010

    Fantastic!!! What a buggy. It really does tear up the dirt. I bought this buggy last month and its real value for money.

  4. fantastic

    By James Brooking August 06, 2010

    I bought this car in 2008 i drove it on the frst day of owning in at god did it go took a bit of starting but afterwards was gr8 sadly it met its demise wen it was written off in a heavy shunt with a wall but after a rebuild of the entire chassis and over...

  5. pro se

    By p.martin August 06, 2010

    bought this having never used an rc car before and to be honest i wasnt expecting much,but omg...what a great buggy,never had as much fun,well worth the money!!

  6. GD CAR

    By ..... August 06, 2010


  7. Condor Pro SE

    By Broadey August 06, 2010

    i got this car yesterday and omg i love it, my girlfriend moans cause of how much i use it, its fast and it sounds amazing when it chages gears, i love pi**ing the neighbors off with it, deffently worth the money and the extra money to get the SE version ...

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