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By popular demand we are now stocking a range of unbuilt nitro radio controlled car kits for those who enjoy building models as much as using them! Forget lego etc, these self build kits provide hours of fun and when they are finished they are actually fun to use! For the hours of use and enjoyment you will get from first building and then racing them these kits are amazing value for money.

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  1. Fiddly But Fun

    By mark May 24, 2020

    I bought the self build kit as a joint present for my 13yr, 11yr old sons (and myself) for Christmas. Took us about 3 days, 3 or 4 hours per day off and on to build it together. The boys really enjoyed building it and learning about the differential and how the shocks worked and filled with oil.
    Starting the car in December outside was a challenge on account of it being too cold. We found this guide on line which properly explained how the carburetor works and how to set it up https://www.nitrotek.co.uk/blog/2015/12/06/the-definitive-10-step-guide-on-how-to-start-your-nitro-rc-car/ but still struggled. Eventually I found that heating the engine block up with a hair dryer to get it warned up made it easier to get it going and run the engine in.
    Once we'd got it going we had to fiddle with a combination of the low idle and throttle adjustment on the controller to prevent it driving off on it's own.
    Now in lockdown in spring (bit Warner) it's been great fun getting it going again on a playing fields taking it in turns. It's pretty fast and quite easily copes on a bumpy grassy field bombing around.
    All in all if you want a project and are happy to fiddle with it to get it going and are interested in learning about RC cars and how they work then I'd recommend this as a great way to while away many an afternoon with the kids.

  2. o

    By Morgan April 16, 2020

    very good buggy, very fast, much fun making it. a lot of plastic parts.

  3. Great / excellent

    By priytam August 13, 2015

    Just got today, very fun, comes with everything you need but a little tricky for beginners like myself. The price is reasonable for what you get.The quality is excellent , it has a nicely designed shell
    that's glossy and stands out from the rest.
    Delivery speed.The best free delivery I have ever encountered.Delivery takes 1-2 days after purchase.
    Overall I would recommend this product to all RC enthusiasts that want to learn more about engines or just to build for fun.

  4. good for beginners

    By conrad October 26, 2014

    i got this for my birthday and spent a long weekend building it,the engine was a little hard to start but once it did it was nothing but fun.

  5. This is a great purchase

    By Nick September 09, 2014

    I brought this self build RC nitro as my first project of getting in to nitro cars, This is perfect because as you build it you learn all the important bits that make the car work. Had plenty of fun all ready and only had a week. Comes with very clear and easy to follow instructions. Highly recommend this fantastic bit of kit to anyone getting in to nitro cars.

  6. Great first time item for newbies.

    By Adam May 07, 2014

    This is without a doubt a great first time buy for anyone looking to dabble in the world of RC cars. putting it together took around a week and without only a few annoyances where the car nearly met the wall.

    Great value
    good for a project
    loads of fun and interaction whilst building it and after
    All round a definite buy for first timers like me


    A lot of the pieces are plastic therefore relatively easy to break when driving it around (I have already had to replace the front suspension with the metal ones as it snapped).
    Some extremely fiddly DIY at times where I had to get more than one pair of hands involved to get the job done.
    Been running it now for nearly 6 weeks and I found the engine is a bit fiddly to find that sweet spot. I am still playing around with it and it is getting a tad annoying as its not as simple as starting it up, having a 5 - 10 minute fiddle then off you go. If the carburettor isn't set properly then it will either die after a few seconds or the car will want to go before you even get your finger on the accelerator, which brings me onto the carburettor. I am now experiencing problems with the screw holding the air cover in place meaning I have no way of setting the carburettor correctly until I resolve this...which I will.

    So in summary; a great buy, just what I wanted (something fiddly, and time consuming with a lot to get out of it), a way to get slightly more mechanically minded, a long term hobby, but one that I would recccomend upgrading certain parts of, i.e plastic suspension to metal etc.
    I highly recommend it but if your looking for something a bit more reliable I would go for the already built models.

    Don't let the little issues put you off, after all, there are going to be set backs and if it wasn't the way it was then it wouldn't be worth it. You wouldn't discard your car if it suddenly annoyed you for any small or large reason.

    NITROTEK SAYS - Thanks for the great review. If you are having to adjust the carb before each use it means that probably one of your screws on the engine or exhaust are loose. Because if there is a loose screw then air starts to get into the engine which messes the settings up. Tighten the loose screw and then no air can get in so the carb settings will stay the same.

  7. jolie

    By jojo14op May 07, 2014

    super très intérésant

  8. Worth every penny!!!

    By Nathaniel Watts April 01, 2014

    I bought this car 3 years ago and have had some fun with the car. It's very quick and fairly straight forward to put together. I've had a few problems with it, like the servo braking but there cheap enough to replace. I've put the upgraded exhaust on along with an upgraded servo and it runs like a dream. I would highly recommend it to anyone who's new to nitro cars.

  9. Super

    By Pro December 05, 2013

    J'impression que n'est pas cher et c'est vraiment bonne etat

  10. brilliant

    By mick August 12, 2013

    I was that impressed with the quality and price of this product after building and using for a few months I also bought the cyclone car kit for track racing. Both cars are quite fast and responsive to controls. Good upgrades availabe especially the electric starter, ive fitted one to both cars. Brilliant product.

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