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Hawksky 4CH Brushless Sport Trainer RC Plane 2.4G


Quick Overview

Dynam Hawksky with its brushless motor is the perfect trainer for beginners, who want an RC plane that they can learn on, but is also capable of impressive stunts. With 4 CH and a 2.4GHz RC, the Hawk Sky is powerful, strong and perfect for 3D aerobatic stunts, it features a 1.37m wing span, ESC and a brushless motor, giving it a great combination of power and control.


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Hawksky 4CH Brushless Sport Trainer RC Plane 2.4G

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Dynam Hawksky with its brushless motor is the perfect trainer for beginners, who want a plane that they can learn on, but is also capable of impressive stunts as their skills develop. Only a small amount of assembly is required once the box is opened and you'll by flying this trainer in minutes!

The Hawksky plane is constructed from a durable EPO foam, so it can take the knocks and crashes as you learn to use it to its full capability. The Hawk Sky is propelled by a powerful Dynam Speed 400 brushless motor run off a Dynam Brushless Electronic Speed Control (ESC). This combination of power and control makes it an excellent aerobatic craft. It also comes with an Li-Po battery and charger for longer flights

The Hawksky comes with a 2.4G radio which means the range is longer and more stable plus you do not have to worry about interference from other fliers. The plane is made from strong but lightweight foam that is more resistant to crashes and gives easier stable flight even in windy conditions. The plane can take off from the ground or can be hand launched.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Dynam
Build RTF
Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz
Motor / Engine Brushless
Channels 4 Ch
  • Wing span :1370mm 
  • Length : 917mm 
  • Fuselage length: 870mm
  • Weight : 600g 
  • Wing area: 22.8dm2
  • Charger: 3 Cell Li-po charger 
  • Transmitter: 4 Ch
  • Receiver: 5CH receiver 
  • Servos: 8.4g micro servos (4pcs) 
  • ESC: Brushless Electronic Speed Controller
  • Hawk Sky plane inc undercarriage and propeller
  • Dynam 3 Cell standard Li-po charger
  • Brushless Electronic Speed Controller
  • Dynam Speed 400 Brushless Motor
Required To Use
  • 8 x AA Batteries

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Customer Reviews

Best purchase yet Review by aaron
Fun Factor
Delivery Speed
This is an amazing purchase easy to build and got it finished in 40 minuets. It's easy to fly quite quick for a trainer and can pull of some cool stunts. Very durable plane. Only thing is when i was testing the control surfaces the plastic tube for the elevator wasn't secured properly so I used some sellotape to secure it on. The glue needs a nozzle at the end so were not just putting clumps of glue in places and wasting the glue. The propeller almost slid off while testing the motor witch can be extremely dangerous in some cases but a bit of glue holds it in place nicely. All round its a great purchase and would highly recommend for new hobby enthusiasts or experienced enthusiasts. (Posted on 11/12/2017)
Great plane once you get started Review by Josh
Delivery Speed
Fun Factor
I got this plane for Christmas and was very excited to fly it. Gluing the parts together and sorting the electronics took some time - as this was my first plane. Once I had it set-up I had a couple of flights before the propeller flew off - fixing the new one was a major hassle and there are no clear instructions on the net - basically to fix the new one I secured the spindle with a vice and hammered the prop on with a socket piece (this made sure the motor wasn't damaged as the vice was taking the force). Also when setting up, make sure that the servo wires don't flex when you move the rudder and elevator - I used electrical tape to secure them. I also highly recommend securing the wings to each other with velcro (make sure you cut a hole somewhere for the wires so that they meet in the middle).

My first thought the plane was very docile and did not perform well, and I crashed it a lot of times (maybe 20 times I have broken parts of it). It was all fixed with hot glue and still looks like new with all original fuselage. After too many crashes I thought I must be doing something wrong - I went back and made sure that all control surfaces were flat when in neutral, then I double checked the centre of gravity. After doing this the plane flew 100% better. I recommend that all beginners take this into account - all control surfaces must be level when neutral (not even a little bit out) and the COG must be set by moving the battery forward/back.

However my biggest improvement yet was to change the expo rate on the control surfaces, this involved making a larger hole to fit the screw through. I used the middle hole setting (on ailerons, rudder and elevator) and the plane flies like a dream - it handles and soars amazingly. Barrel rolls and loop the loops are easy - I just can't believe it's so much better.

After many mods and trial/error I can firmly say that this is a great plane, just amazing to fly. For a beginner there is a steep learning curve but I recommend increasing expo rates so that you get more feel for the plane (Most people say to decrease the expo rates as a beginner but I find this just makes the whole thing a lot more difficult as you are constantly over-correcting yourself).

Overall I am really happy with this plane, and even though I've crashed the living daylights out of it (multiple nose dives into ground from 50ft at full throttle) it still works like new and flies perfect. Thanks nitrotek for fast delivery, really happy customer. (Posted on 12/02/2015)
good Review by hawk
Fun Factor
Delivery Speed
REALLY FUN AND EASY TO FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS AS A STARTER PLANE and i have crashed it a couple of times (Posted on 21/05/2014)
Dynam Hawk Sky Review by Big Paul
Fun Factor
Delivery Speed
This is a great plane if your a novice and wanting to start flying like Me.. Controls are easy to learn and you can alter the setting to make the plane more or less responsive depends on your skill level. its a great 4 channel plane, but you could use it as a 3 channel just dont hook up the wire for the wings and you get a basic flyer.. I perfer to get going with the 4channel straight off. you can do rolls, inverted flight and loops ive tried it and done it!. The standard battery that comes with the plane lasts about 30 mins flying time. reduce that by half if your doing stunts etc cos you will drain the battery more, so just to be on the safe side 15min. the plane is strong EPO foam and will take the good odd knock.. but any straight fast dive into the ground will need a repair. the Transmitter is not bad, nice size. and a 2.4 g so you get a good signal, its a straight 4ch trainer, it has speed.. it comes 95% complete, all you need to do is fix the tail section on and connect up the rods etc apply the decals, time really about an hour and give time for the glue to dry.. Thats about it, I was happy with the service from Nitrotek, it came next day delivery but it came at 6pm, no fault of Nitrotek... All in all Great Plane, see for yourself when you buy one (Posted on 07/03/2014)
hawk sky Review by johnboy
Delivery Speed
Fun Factor
nitrotex to there word hawk sky came within 2 days of order,i am new to the hobby,the price was very good, everything was in the box,the transmitter instructions to bind with the receiver were to say the least awful,they need to translate it much much better, with it being a delicate and easy to damage unit apart from the instructions witch need adressing urgently, i would buy again from nitrotek they need to adress the above,

From Nitrotek: Thank you for your comments, we do work with the manufacturers to improve manuals, and customer feedback is vital for this. We only started selling the EZ hawk this year, so the manual is still failry raw. If you could send any modifications to us via our support system. That would be great. Thanks (Posted on 11/12/2013)
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