Why No Black Friday Deals?

We have had a few people asking about Black Friday deals. Our prices are already heavily discounted throughout the year. The companies giving big Black Friday discounts are selling the products to expensive in the first place so they can then have a so called sale.. It's a marketing trick. Take an example product like the Wave Runner Buggy (http://www.nitrotek.co.uk/rc-cars/electric-cars/buggy/wl-toys-l959-1-12-2wd-electric-rc-buggy-2-4ghz.html)

Our Price is £69.99 with free next day delivery and it has been that price all year.

Harrods sell the same model for £119. This weekend they will give 10% off for Black Friday making it £107, Still £37 more expensive than Nitrotek!

24studio have it on today at £99.99, £30 more than our standard price!

Amazon - Normal price £99.99, today's price £81.23, over £10 more expensive than our standard price!

So rest assured, when shopping at Nitrotek.co.uk you are already getting the lowest prices without the marketing tricks!