This multi-rotor UAV is the first to be powered by both gas & electricity. It's capable of carrying a 5-10kgs payload and has a massive flight time of over one hour. It's mainly used for power patrol, geographic information surveying and mapping, environmental monitoring, agriculture, forestry and plant protection, forest fire and security control. Specifications: 1. 8+2 Axis 2. Axis Diameter: 1.2m, creative folding arms design, easy to carry. 3. Flight control system: Art-tech intelligent flight control system, one key return to home, and intelligent safety protection. 4. GPS location, Spot Hovering, Multi mode intelligent navigation. 5. Image Transmission: Real time remote distance video transmission. 6. Remote Control system: Futaba 2.4GHz Radio, multi chains wireless remote control. 7. Power system: Hybrid power with gas & electricity 8. Weight: 15KGS, with carbon fiber structure, light weight 9. Payload Capacity: 5-10KGS 10. Flight time: 60 minutes or above. 4-5 times flight time as similar multicopters. 11. Newly shock-reduction design 12. Flight weight: 15-20 KGS, Maximum 25KGS. 2-3 times as similar multicopters 13. Hang extension: can load different devices per your request( camera, high light, loud-speaker, IR devices etc. ) If you are interested in purchasing please contact us at