Going on a tiger hunt?

Be a good guy for once, (well towards the end of the war)... a Russian!!... da!

You will need a new Taigen 2.4g T34/85 hot from deep in the black mountains..... (in china)

A T34 tank purposely upgraded to kill Tiger tanks.

I borrowed this demo version from the guys at NITROTEK for a quick review, might miss something but here it goes.

On getting it out of the box, you could not help but notice the sheer weight and presence of the model. No silly aerial, very highly detailed mouldings, as good as Trumpeter, Taigen really mean business with this one. With Taigen’s quick release top it reveals a very neatly laid out interior, boasting 4.1 black metal gearboxes, fan-assisted 2.4g control module and high volume smoke machine. Metal turret, barrel, hull base, suspension arms, all wheel, tracks, hatches, flashing machine guns and more.. BB firing, with track recoil, Taigen new upgraded high power 2ch sound, and with smoke it looks as good as it sounds!

Lots of neat new things, FULLY ROTATING 360 TURRET! AND REMOTE CHARGING! Yes, what we have been telling them for years!

It performed faultlessly, very smooth and very noisy!.. Got giddy watching the turret 360!.. Absolutely fab, driving and traversing gun across the engine deck! This manoeuvre is just not possible with any other off-the-shelf RC tank.

Comes in winter white, very nicely sprayed by hand, so no two are the same. As I said it’s a demo so no decals or accessories, but was told more metal bits, tow ropes, etc! and hand-painted commander!

This is a must for the serious RC model tank collector.

..modeltankman rating 9/10 !, only because it needs a metal hull top

Take out your Tiger in style!!!