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About dropshippers

Dropshipping is when a company (that we will call the merchant) offers products to sell on their web site that they do not actually have in stock. When the merchant receives an order they send the details to the company that does have the stock and this company will send the product direct to the site's customer. This company providing this service is called the dropship company.

There are advantages and disadvantages of using a dropship program rather than actually buying the stock in and then shipping it from your own premises:


1. There is only a small amount of capital required as we offer our dropshipping service with a initial miniumun order fee for your first order and then for any order placed after this there is no minimum. For a start up business, it is a great way to start a new business or to add another suppliers range to your existing inventory. When the merchant sells a product they will get the funds from their customer first and then will send a proportion to the dropshipper and keep the balance as their profit.

2. Dropshipping greatly reduces risk for the merchant. Not only do they not need to invest large amounts of money but also it reduces the risk of buying products that do not sell or paying to much for products.

3. The dropshipper will use their own courier and logistics team. Large dropship companies will get better rates from couriers and packaging companies and have more experience with ensuring a smooth and timely delivery process. They will deal with all the packing and despatch saving you valuable time and money.

4. A merchant who uses drop ship companies exclusively can operate from anywhere as they do not need a warehouse and lots of staff. This means massive savings and again a reduction in risk. If they have a quiet month there is no need to panic as they will not have massive bills and wages to pay each month.


1. The margins given to merchants using dropshipping services are usually smaller than given to merchants who buy the stock outright and ship from their own premises. This is because the drop ship company is providing an extra service as they have to package the order and process it that costs them extra time and resources.

2. The merchant relies on the dropshipper to keep them updated on new products and when an item is out of stock. If the dropshipper sells out of an item and does not let the merchant know then the merchant could sell an item that has actually sold out. Although the merchant can then simply refund the customer it still makes the merchant look bad and unprofessional. One of the key benefits of the Nitrotek dropship programme is that you will be kept updated with product news, promotions and stock status.

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The Nitrotek dropship UK program

We believe the Nitrotek dropship programme is one of the best in the UK. We have many customers who have used dropshipping to launch their site and then move on when they are established to our wholesale programme. Others find the benefits of dropshipping so great that they stick with this programme and then expand their business by finding other dropship companies to expand their range.

How it works:

1. We provide you with our trade package containing our range of products, dropship prices, retail prices and specifications.

2. You advertise the products on your web site.

3. Take orders and retail price payment on your site/ sales line.

4. Forward the order details to us and payment at the dropship price. We can take payment by switch, credit card, paypal or bank transfer although bank transfers may delay the order a day or two until the funds reach our account.

5. We will ship out the item using our 24 hour courier service. (All orders received before 1pm will be sent that day on a next working day service, mainland U. K. Orders received after 1pm will be sent the next working day.)

6. You enjoy the profit!

Nitrotek offer a big margin to our merchants and we have products ranging from £20 to £350. Our margins are some of the best margins given by a dropship company. A lot of dropship companies only sell very cheap products like memory cards etc but that does not give the merchant any real profit. It is much better to sell a £200 product and get £60 margin than to sell a few £8 products and only get a £2 margin on each one. Nitrotek also offer UK merchants free delivery to UK Mainland delivery addresses.

The products that Nitrotek sell are different to the products offered by most dropshippers. We offer unique products that are in high demand. If you look at other dropshipping sites you will see a lot of the products are the same as other dropshipping sites, in fact a lot of them are actually dropshippers themselves, buying from the same places and do not even have the stock themselves which causes all kinds of problems! This means the products they are selling have flooded the market and the retail prices they suggest are unrealistic. We guarantee that all the products we sell are brought in direct from the manufacturers to our warehouse and that we ourselves do not dropship from any other suppliers.

Finally one of the key benefits of the Nitrotek dropshipping programme is that you will get a dedicated account manager. As stated in our disadvantages of dropshipping list above one of the main traditional problems of using a dropshipper is that you don't know when an item sells out or when there are new products and promotions. At Nitrotek though your account manager will actively keep you updated about anything you need to know to keep your business running smoothly and increase your sales.

How to join our dropshipping uk programme

To get the ball rolling please email our dropshipping department at orders@nitrotek.co.uk. Please include your name, address, contact details and company information if you are an existing company and we will get back to you with further information.

About dropshippers | Nitrotek dropship uk program explained | Join our dropshipping uk program


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