Nitro Radio Controlled Car Tips & Tricks.

There's lots of small jobs that you can do on a nitro radio controlled car to make it run better and last longer. Following some of these easy to follow tips and see great improvements.

1. The antenna tube is quite brittle when new. If you take the antenna tube and boil it in a pan of water for a few minutes it will become soft and flexible. It will be easier to fit and if you flip your model it will not break!

2. Glueing your antenna tube to the mounting will ensure it does not come loose and fly off when racing.

3. Take a zip tie and thread it through the fuel tank lid to aid opening the tank lid whilst using.

4. Use silicone bathroom sealant to seal your receiver box and any gaps where leads are exposed. Apply a small amount of sealant to the bottom of your receiver box lid before screwing the casing back down. Also apply some to the underside of the chassis top plate where the servo and switch leads enter the receiver box lid.

5. Tape your 4 cell receiver pack batteries up with some insulation tape. Wrapping a small amount of tape around your battery pack will ensure they do not vibrate loose and cause you to loose control.

6. When doing a jump you can actually control the car in the air. If it starts to nose dive give a quick blast on the throttle to level it out and if the car starts to climb like it is going to land on it's back wheels applying the brake will correct it.

7. If your aerial is to long and a lot is coming out of the top of the tube do NOT cut it. Instead use a small amount of fuel tubing over the aerial tube to hold the aerial neatly and securely to the outside of the tube.

8. Cut tiny holes into your body shell next to the body mount holes and feed a short piece of fishing wire through the hole. Knot the end going through the shell so it can not come out and then tie the other end to your body clips. No more lost body clips!

9. If the seal on your fuel tank is broken or you want it closed more securely attach an elastic band to the rear of the tank, feed it under the tank and up the front and attach it to the handle on the lid. As the band is stretched it will be constantly pulling the lid closed.

10. The steering links come attached to the bottom of the outer fixings. By removing the screw and attaching from the top should give a more stable car over the rough.

11. If you are getting grip role and your model flips when you go round a corner snip the outside tread off the tire to reduce the grip and make it slide instead.

12. If you are using an off road model (such as the Condor or Conquistador) on long grass screw down the threaded collar on the shock body to increase the ride height.

13. Make sure there are no leaks around the engine and manifold which would decrease engine power and performance. Use high-temperature gasket or silicon sealants (such as Hylomar from Halfords) around areas such as the carburetor to the engine, the exhaust manifold to the exhaust port of the engine, and the back plate or pull-start mechanism against the engine block.