How To Start A Nitro Radio Controlled Car

1. Fill the fuel Tank and check that the fuel lines are secure and free of kinks to ensure clear fuel flow.

2. Prime the engine with fuel by putting your finger over the exhaust or air intake and then pulling the starter until you see the fuel reach the engine. Once you see the fuel reach the engine pull the starter another couple of times to spread fuel through the engine. If it will not prime make sure all the screws around the engine and manifold are tight and that the lid on the fuel tank is closed. If it still will not prime take the end of the fuel line that connects to the exhaust off and blow down it which should force fuel into the engine.

3. Attach your glow start to the glow plug (located on top of the engine cooling head)

4. Pull the recoil starter with short quick jabs. Avoid pulling the recoil cord 100% of it's length as this will damage the starting spring, and this is not covered by the motor’s warranty. If the pull start becomes very hard to pull then it means the engine is flooded. In this case you must NOT pull the start again until you have un-flooded the engine or else you will break it. If the engine is cold you may need to open the throttle a TINY bit just to help it start. If the engine is cold you may need to pull the start a good few times, the trick is to pull it quickly and consistently. If it is still stiff try unscrewing the glow plug half a turn and then when it starts tighten it up again.

5. If the setting are correct the engine should start. Disconnect the glow clip as soon as the engine is running.

The main needle adjustment is used to adjust the fuel to air mixture when you are accelerating. Once the engine is run in if it is spitting fuel from the exhaust you may want to turn the adjustment screw a little clockwise just a mm or so. Do not over tighten it though as this will overheat the engine and could melt the parts. When you make a change to the adjustment screw the changes will not take effect until after a couple of minutes running.

If it does not start please see our help section on what to do if your engine does not start.

Below is a set of videos that go through the procedure for starting and tuning a nitro engine.