Before Using A Nitro Car

Before using any nitro model it is important that you check the following:

* Receiver Battery
* Range check (Stand a distance away from the model and make sure it is responding to the radio control correctly. Ideally do this with someone else so you can stand as far away as you want to use the model.
* Radio Battery 
* Glow Plug is tight and glow start is fully charged
* Ensure engine flywheel is tight and tighten if needed (IMPORTANT OR THE FLYWHEEL WILL WEAR AWAY) 
* Loctite/tighten any loose nuts, screws or bolts. ie: set screws, engine mount screws, wheel nuts, etc 
* Clutch-bell and Spur Gear mesh (IMPORTANT OR YOU WILL STRIP YOUR GEARS) 
* Pullstart engine screws 
* Nylon ties for exhaust 
* Clean & Re-Oil or replace Foam Air Filter element 
* Ensure all servo & throttle linkage is straight at 90 degrees & in proper alignment when the radio equipment is turned on. Adjust if needed.
* Ensure fuel system is free of obstruction, line pinches, dirt & leaks 
* Clean entire car after every tank - watch for sand, rocks, mud, debris or anything that will hinder proper operation and maintenance.

The above maintenance should be observed ideally after every run.

The main adjustment screw would have been pre-set at the factory and we would have double checked it to make sure it is correct for running the engine in. In 99% of cases this screw will not need touching until after you have run the engine in if you wish to fine tune it. If you do loose the starting position of the screw or want to check it then the top of the screw should be just 1 - 2 mm below the top of the screw casing.