Nitro Radio Controlled Car FAQ's

Q. What else do I need to run the model? 
A. All our models come with the radio control and servos included and installed. All you will need to run is some model glow fuel and a standard glow start. These items are between £10 - £15 each from most model shops.

Q. How long does the fuel last? 
A. A tank of fuel will last about 10 - 15 minutes. A 2.27 litre bottle of fuel should be enough to fill the tank about 30 times. The good thing about nitro models though is you do not need to wait for the to charge, you can just fill them up and keep on going.

Q. Why did my con rod break? 
A. The only way that a con rod can break is either the engine is revved with no load or there is not enough fuel in the engine so there is not enough lubrication which causes the piston to jam. You should be careful not to rev the engine if the wheels are off the ground, if the flywheel is loose or if the model does a jump. Con rods are not covered by the warranty but available as a spare part.

Q. Why do my wheels turn when I pull the pull start? 
A. If you are unable to pull the pull start without the wheels turning it means your clutch shoes have probably melted. This happens when the car has been incorrectly adjusted so that the brake is slightly on when the throttle is in the neutral position. They can also melt if the wheels or truck is held still while the engine is revving or if the idle speed is to high. If this happens you will simply need to purchase a new clutch shoe and replace the melted one.

Q. Why did my gears strip? 
A. Stripping a spur gear (a flat spot on the plastic gear that turns the drivetrain of the car) is not caused by the spur gear or pinion gear. A stripped spur gear is caused by the pinion gear not having the correct mesh with the spur gear.

Q. How can I get correct gear mesh?
A. The easiest way to learn that you have the correct gear mesh is to use a piece of paper and fit it between the spur gear and pinion gear as you tighten the motor mount screws. After the motor is completely tightened, the piece of paper should be impossible to remove except by turning the spur gear to rotate the paper out of place. With the paper gone, turn the spur gear with a finger and feel the amount of movement or "play" there is between the spur gear and pinion gear. There should be very little play, but you should feel a little bit. This is the correct gear mesh. With practice, you will no longer strip any spur gears. 
Make sure the motor mount screws are very tight, a big crash could move the motor towards or away from the spur gear, making the spur gear strip out.

Q. What maintenance will I need to do? 
A. Please see the before use section on our help page for maintenance details.

Q. Why did my flywheel wear away? 
A. If the bolt holding the flywheel on is not tight and you continue to use the car it will start to wear the flywheel away. You should check that the flywheel is tight before each run.

Q. My 2 speed is not shifting?
A. Unless something is not adjusted properly or broken, the 2 speed should shift into second when the engine reaches a certain speed. If it does not shift, use a 2mm Allen wrench to adjust the shift point set screws counterclockwise. Turn the set screw 1/4 turn at a time and make a test run to see if the car shifts into second. If it does not, turn the set screw 1/4 turn more and try again. Make sure not to touch the center set screw! If you look on the two speed gearbox you will see a small 5mm hole on the smaller gear. If you rotate this hole it will give access to the two shift screws. There is one on each side of the gear.

Q. Do you need a liscence to use a nitro rc car?
A. No you do not. Just use common sense and do not use them where they may disturb or injure people if they loose control.

Q. What ages are nitro radio controlled cars recommended for?
A. To do everything 14+ is best. A younger child would be able to drive them but may struggle with the setup and maintenance. We have customers as young as 8 but any younger than 14 you should be prepared to help them with the maintenance. Nitro rc cars can be a great educational toy and introduction to engineering.

Q. What kind of range does it have?
A. About 100m but you should always do a range check before use.

Q. How do I stop the engine?
A. Cover the exhaust hole and it will turn off a second later.

Q. What fuel Do I use?
A. You need to use model glow fuel. We sell this under accessories and it is also sold in model shops and some Halfords stores. You can use any good branded fuel with a nitro content of 10 - 30%. For normal use 10 - 16% is best and then you can use a higher percentage for races. The higher percentage fuel will increase the speed but it is more expensive.