E-Sky Flight Simulator Instructions

Useful info regarding FMS setup after installation:

1. Remove frequency crystal from handset - very important, crsytal not required and will overheat.

2. Connect serial cable to transmitter and free com port.

3. Turn on handset - battries must be fitted and show ok.

4. Run FMS 2.0 (version 7 beta to 8.5 alpha dependant on OS system (7 beta has better sorted model shadow graphics, works with windows ME, 8.3 alpha on work with XP and have wind effects)

5. Once program is loaded and is running select 'Hughes' or 'Threedee' from 'Model' selection

6. On the 'Control' tab select 'Analog control', then 'resource', choose 'serial pic' from the list, use 9600 as baud rate and as appropriate select the com port the cable is plugged into on your computer.

7. Next to 'Resource' under the control tab is 'Mapping/calibration' button, click this. To fly the helicopter map the first 4 (rudder,elevator, aileron, throttle)as channels 5,6,7,8 and the next four tail,nick,roll,pitch as 3,1,2,4, the first four are for flying planes and the second four are for helicopters!

8. Click calibrate, following instructions on the screen move sticks through their full range, centre all sticks inc. throttle and finish.
May have to reverse the throttle action from the transmitter by flicking the reverse switch on the transmitter. (The program seems to offer this but
it didn't work).

One other useful thing is under the 'simulation' tab select options and the tick 'auto initialise'

Don't forget to reset the reversing switch and fit rf module before using the transmitter with the real helicopter.