How To Fit The New Clutch Shoes On To A Nitro Engine

The new clutch shoes have a different spring system and it is important that they are put on the correct way or else the clutch shoes will expand to easily so the car will not be able to idle.

Step 1:

Start by placing one of the shoes onto the tip of one of the flywheel pins as shown in the diagram below. Be careful to note the direction of the shoe making sure you do not have it on back to front. The pin should not go all the way through the shoe, just enough so that the shoe is resting on the pin.

Nitro car clutch shoes

Step 2:

Place the spring into the clutch shoe as shown below so that the long side of the spring is resting against the flat part of the outside of the shoe and the short side of the spring is resting against the bottom of the flywheel bolt.

Nitro car clutch shoes

Step 3:

Position the spring so that the loop of the spring is lined up with the hole in the clutch shoe.

nitro clutch shoes

Step 4:

The loop in the spring will not naturally line up with the hole in the shoe so you will have to use some kind of tool such as a screwdriver to line the loop and hole up and then at the same time push the shoe and spring towards the flywheel so the pin goes through the loop in the spring and then through the other side of the shoe.

Nitro car clutch shoes

Step 5:

The final step is just to repeat the same again but with the other shoe and then that's it! It should look like this when finished.

nitro clutch shoes