How To Change Your Clutch.

To remove the clutch shoes or the flywheel, follow the following steps.

Step 1
Remove engine from model and clean off all dirt and grime.

Step 2
Remove the clutch bell by removing the screw at the end of the crankshaft. You will need to use a large pair of pliers to grip the flywheel as you loosen the screw.

Nitro engine clutch shoes

Step 3
Remove the clutch bell. Now you will see the clutch shoes. Take note of the direction the clutch shoes are installed. You want the shoes to follow the direction of the engine. Pull the clutch shoes off leaving the spring around them. You should now just be left with the flywheel. If you need to remove the flywheel, grip the flywheel using a large pair of pliers, then with a 5/16th nut driver, loosen the clutch nut. The flywheel should now come off; it may require a few taps to break it loose.

 nitro clutch shoes  Nitro car clutch shoes

Step 4
Check all parts for wear and replace as needed. Check the inside of the clutch bell for material left by the clutch shoes. If a lot of material is melted to the inside of the clutch bell, you may need to replace the clutch shoes as well.

*If you leave the car sitting still or towing items for long periods of time, you definitely should consider replacing the clutch shoes and even the clutch bell.

Check the two bearings in the clutch bell. Are they smooth? They should be smooth and not be gritty or locked up. If they are, you need to replace them before reinstalling.

Step 5
Follow the steps you just completed but, in the opposite direction. Make sure to get the clutch nut on tight. You don't want your flywheel coming loose while your running.