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Brand new version of the Taigen Panzer RC Tank

Brand new version of the Taigen Panzer #RC #tank with full 360 degrees rotating turret and hopped up to the max with all the metal upgrades.  http://www.nitrotek.co.uk/rc-tank/1-16-scale/taigen-hand-painted-rc-tanks-metal-upgrade-panzer-iv-24ghz.html

Upgraded with:

  • Full 360 degrees rotating turret
  • Newest 2.4Ghz radio system
  • Hobby hydro painting
  • Metal chassis
  • Steel gearset (3 in 1 steel gearset with bearing)
  • Metal drive and idler wheels and metal road wheels with rubber
  • Metal tracks
  • Metal suspension
  • Metal accessory parts
  • Metal turret with metal gun barrel
  • Metal machine gun light

Capture One 32568oo Capture One 32582oo

Taigen Hand Painted Battle Tanks!

We have received new batch of Taigen battle RC Tanks. The finish is very realistic, you can say these models have seen a battle or two plus the attention to detail is unbelievable. I must say I am really impressed with these tanks and the improvements which have been made on the previous (first model), much better more realistic paint job (matt finish – the previous had a semi-sheen to it, and better weathered look), maneuverability & speed is slower but more realistic due to the additional weight of the full metal versions–( approx. 7kg) compared to all other Taigen tanks.
We have currently  7 radio controlled tanks from Taigen in stock raging from £84.99 to the full metal pro model worth £179.99!

The fist group of Remote controlled tanks is Taigen Hand Painted – Smoke and Sound:
Taigen Hand Painted RC Tank – Tiger I

Nitrotek Price £84.99

Taigen Hand Painted RC Tank – Panzerkampfwagon III

Nitrotek Price £84.98

The second category of RC tanks is Taigen Hand Painted – Metal Upgrade. The Metal upgrade Taigen Tanks are equiped with metal tracks, sprockets and gearboxes, for increased durability and reliability.

Taigen Hand Painted RC Tanks – Metal Upgrade – Panther

Nitrotek Price £109.99

Taigen Hand Painted RC Tanks – Metal Upgrade – M26 Pershing

Nitrotek Price £114.98

Taigen Hand Painted RC Tanks – Metal Upgrade – Bulldog

Nitrotek Price £114.98

Taigen Hand Painted RC Tanks – Metal Upgrade – Panzer IV

Nitrotek Price £119.99


The third category of RC tanks is Taigen Hand Painted – Full Metal Upgrade. The Metal upgrade Taigen Tanks are equiped with metal tracks, sprockets, gearboxes and full metal body, This are the best spec models on the market!
Taigen Hand Painted RC Tanks – Full Metal Upgrade Version – Tiger Camo

Nitrotek Price £179.99

To make this magnificent RC tank a justice I have uploaded a video review by Mike


New RC Cars, Helicopters, Boats, Tanks and More Arrive for Christmas

Nitrotek have got some really great Christmas goodies on their way, and the good news is that you can preorder them right now and save £5 on the RRP. These models are already fantastically priced anyway. Lets have a look at a few – you can click the image to go straight to the product page on our website.

We have some amazing mini rc 3 channel helicopters:

3ch mini rc helicopter
3ch mini rc helicopter
At only 23cm in length this fully functional rc helicopter is a mini marvel, it has 3 channels so can fly left, right, up, down and hover. It is realistically styled and very light so that it can be flown indoors safely.
It is gyroscopically controlled for stable flight and even n beginner should pick up the basics in a matter of minutes then with a bit of practice, you’ll have mastered its controls and will have it buzzing around. It charges in about 30 mins and this will give you around 10 minutes of flying time.

These new models are incredibly priced, for example the radio controlled helicopter above can be yours for only £34.99 inc next day delivery if you catch it on preorder!

Super Cyclone RC Speed Boat
Super Cyclone RC Speed Boat
The brand new ready to run 1/16th scale electric Super Cyclone RC speed boat brings speed and excitement on the water as it twists and turns. This fully loaded electric Cyclone boat is constructed from an ABS plastic hull, and is finished to be one of the most detailed and realistic rc boats on the market.

The high performance 380 motor will blast the Cyclone out of the water at 15+ mph and all is controlled by a micro servo with 9.6v battery and charger. Again, this fantastic looking radio controlled boat is available for just £34.99 on preorder, all you’ll need is 8 AA batteries for the transmitter and you’re off!

Radio Controlled BMW Z4 Coupé
Radio Controlled BMW Z4 Coupé
The BMW Z4 is a rear-wheel drive sports car by the German car maker BMW. It follows a line of past BMW roadsters such as the BMW Z1, BMW 507, BMW Z8, and the BMW Z3. Anyone would love to get their hands on the real deal. So why not have the car of your dreams, but in a smaller form!

Simple controls and stunning looks make this coupe sports car amazing value for money, I think the pictures speak for themselves – you will not find a better looking BMW than this anywhere! The BMW Z4 Radio Controlled Car, 1:12 Scale, is an ideal gift/present for any age.
And guess what? Yes – it’s available on preorder at £34.99!!
In addition we have rc hovercraft, amphibious rc ATVs, and tanks that squirt water over 6m! So come and have a look at our web site – there are some brilliant radio controlled models at really low prices – all of them perfect Christmas presents

Acme RC Trucks; CopterX and Esky Helicopters; and Henglong Tanks Arriving Soon!

E-sky Honey Bee 2
E-sky Honey Bee 2

We’ve got a lot of new stock arriving over the next three weeks, and are replenishing supplies of some out of stock models.
First in are the E-sky helicopter range, these are extremely popular and sell out very quickly so if you want a Honey Bee or other E-sky model, then be sure to order as soon as possible as these will sell out! Later in the month the CopterX helis will be back in stock too, and these are built to an amazing standard using aluminium, plastic and on the top of the range models some components are carbon fibre offering unrivalled strength and lightness, at incredible value for money!
Our new CopterX 450 Pro Torque Tube is available in RTF format and offers an alternative to our belt driven helicopters. A torque tube does have a few distinct advantages over a belt driven tail system: Once installed, no further adjustments will ever be required; More precise transfer of torque to the tail rotor. There is no give in a torque tube. A torque tube can actually reduce the tail damage during a minor crash since the torque tube actually increases the rigidity of the tail boom slightly. Some people prefer torque tubes, others prefer belt drive, it’s all down to personal preference which is why we’ve decided to give you the choice!

We’re also expecting a large shipment of our ever popular Acme rc cars at the end of June, along with all the favourites we are adding two new models to our range: the Mighty truggy and the Trooper Truck.

Acme Mighty Truggy
Acme Mighty Truggy

The Mighty
The ACME Mighty is a fully built, fully featured, top of the range 1/8 scale off-road truggy, and comes with many feature enhancements to make this great looking car not only look the part but ‘be’ the part! This is the Pro version and it is fitted with high quality components, is 4WD and equipped with a powerful .25 nitro engine!
The Mighty is built using advanced components and innovative engineering to get the best performance out of your package. It has a newly developed C-hub steering system, where the king pin axis extends to the wheel centre (see picture right) this feature improves steering performance. It has a specially designed suspension system, with twin adjustable rear suspension modes which allows for a flexible driving mode and a smooth driving mode. Available from our web site for just £189.00 – a £20 pre-order saving – as soon as these arrive they will be priced at their usual £209.00, so pre order and save now!

Trooper Truck
Trooper Truck

The Trooper
Brushless motor systems are a new technology that until recently have only been available as upgrades for normal rc cars. This is because to have a brushless setup not only requires the brushless motor but also a brushless ESC, li-polymer battery and special li-polymer charger which are all very expensive and would cost hundreds of pounds. Then came some brushless 1:16 scale brushless models that due to there smaller size only needed a smaller brushless motor etc so could be priced at a realistic level.

Here we introduce the 1:10 scale brushless truck – the Trooper; this has a big brushless motor and 11.1V Li-Polymer battery so it will go unbelievably quickly. This is a big model and is as long as some of our 1/8th models and at £169.99 on preorder you save £20, so if you want to get your hands on one of these, click this link and reserve yours!

Last but by no means least we’ve got some more of our Heng Long tanks coming in. These tanks are built to a high level of detail and although they arrive pre-painted and with a range of decals, many people like to personalise them with their own paint schemes and these are ideal for people who want to do this. To find out more about our tanks please click here, there’s money to be saved by pre-ordering these models too!

Heng Long Jagdpanther Radio Controlled Tank

Today we thought that we’d highlight this superb remote controlled tank for you. This is one of our 1/16th scale tanks and it is meticulously finished, with all the original details. It sits in the upper middle end of our range and is perfect for the militaria collector and radio control hobbyist alike.

Jagdpanther tank close-up
Jagdpanther tank close-up

The Jagdpanther (German: “hunting panther”) was a tank destroyer built by Nazi Germany during World War II based on the chassis of the Panther tank. Many military historians consider the Jagdpanther to be one of the best tank destroyers of the war due to the combination of the 8.8 cm KwK 43 of the Tiger II and the proven Panther chassis.

This fantastic scale radio controlled replica from Heng Long looks great and is feature packed. The highly detailed finish adds to the realism and the included commander figure completes the model perfectly. The tank fires plastic bbs and is the upgraded version with a built in real smoke generator and sound effects.

Sound effects include emulation music, motor start-up, engine, machine-gun and cannonball when it fires a bb.


These tanks look great, straight from the box with the decals added and the accessories glued on, but for the real millitary enthuiast, because of the high level of detail on these models, they make the perfect ‘blank canvas’ for custom paint jobs, so that you can create a model that looks exactly like a real tank, complete with battle scars. If you do this, make sure you submit your photos after the project is finished.

These tanks are supplied with a choice of crystals so that up to three of them can be used at the same time to re-enact battles, to add to the fun provided by these models.

To buy one of these Jagdpanther tanks, visit our web site and pick one up for £79.99 including VAT and next day UK delivery (providing order is received by 1pm)

Heng Long Panther G Pro Tank

If you fancy something different from a buggy or an rc car. Have you thought about trying your hand with our range of rc tanks. We’ve just posted some new photographs of the Panther G Professional, the best spec’d tank in our range.

This fantastic scale radio controlled replica from Heng Long looks great and is feature packed. The tank fires plastic bbs and is the pro version with metal tracks and parts, a built in real smoke generator and sound effects. Sound effects include emulation music, motor start-up, engine, machine-gun and cannonball when it fires a BB. Please note this tank comes in two different finishes, camo and grey.

For more information and to buy, click this link rc Panther G tank