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Taigen Hand Painted Battle Tanks!

We have received new batch of Taigen battle RC Tanks. The finish is very realistic, you can say these models have seen a battle or two plus the attention to detail is unbelievable. I must say I am really impressed with these tanks and the improvements which have been made on the previous (first model), much better more realistic paint job (matt finish – the previous had a semi-sheen to it, and better weathered look), maneuverability & speed is slower but more realistic due to the additional weight of the full metal versions–( approx. 7kg) compared to all other Taigen tanks.
We have currently  7 radio controlled tanks from Taigen in stock raging from £84.99 to the full metal pro model worth £179.99!

The fist group of Remote controlled tanks is Taigen Hand Painted – Smoke and Sound:
Taigen Hand Painted RC Tank – Tiger I

Nitrotek Price £84.99

Taigen Hand Painted RC Tank – Panzerkampfwagon III

Nitrotek Price £84.98

The second category of RC tanks is Taigen Hand Painted – Metal Upgrade. The Metal upgrade Taigen Tanks are equiped with metal tracks, sprockets and gearboxes, for increased durability and reliability.

Taigen Hand Painted RC Tanks – Metal Upgrade – Panther

Nitrotek Price £109.99

Taigen Hand Painted RC Tanks – Metal Upgrade – M26 Pershing

Nitrotek Price £114.98

Taigen Hand Painted RC Tanks – Metal Upgrade – Bulldog

Nitrotek Price £114.98

Taigen Hand Painted RC Tanks – Metal Upgrade – Panzer IV

Nitrotek Price £119.99


The third category of RC tanks is Taigen Hand Painted – Full Metal Upgrade. The Metal upgrade Taigen Tanks are equiped with metal tracks, sprockets, gearboxes and full metal body, This are the best spec models on the market!
Taigen Hand Painted RC Tanks – Full Metal Upgrade Version – Tiger Camo

Nitrotek Price £179.99

To make this magnificent RC tank a justice I have uploaded a video review by Mike


Pick of The Planes – Jets and Gliders

In the first part I have been talking about Trainer RC Planes, Large scale remote control Planes and Warbirds. Today I have prepared my choice in the glider field and a great jet as well.

Glider RC Palnes:

Sonic 185 4CH 2.4G Brushless RC Glider

Nitrotek Price £ 149.99
The Sonic 185 is an excellent choice of  RC plane for experience pilots, but will suit beginners too. The Sonic has a 1.85 metre wingspan and a powerful brushless motor with LiPo batteries. With this model you can turn off the motor, then soar down slopes and climb with the thermals to enjoy the experience of truly silent flight.
Made from the same crash resistant foam material as other radio controlled planes in the Dynam range, the Sonic is factory finished, complete with a 4 channel receiver which allows full control of the rudder, elevator, ailerons and throttle. For easier transportation, the Sonic has a split wing design and a carbon fibre wing joiner.
Nitrotek price £149.99
This F-5E is one of the highest spec and quickest jets on the market. It is a massive 1.3m in length and is fitted with a 70mm EDF engine; the extra power and speed is produced by the 40A brushless setup. As well as extra power and speed this jet also features an automatic landing gear system and turning front wheel. These  highly maneuverable radio controlled planes can easily perform inverted flight, loops and rolls etc. The model comes pre-painted – Grey.
The high power allows full aerobatic characteristics, the inside loops, outside loops, axial rolls, inverted flight, knife edge, stall turns, hammerheads, and spins are all possible.
For more RC Models and Remote control Planes you can visit out website www.nitrotek.co.uk
Team Nitrotek

Nitrotek Helicopters – Superb Quality for the Best Price!

Nitrotek  is stocking the best radio controlled helicopters from around the world including Esky and Copter-X. Our helicopters are made of  highest quality materials like aluminium alloys, carbon fibre and best quality plastic. We have something to offer to all pilots.
Our rc helicopters are divided into four categories:
  1. 1. Micro RC Helicopters – These little gems are lots of fun and easy to fly. They are crash resistant and can be flown with only a few minutes practice. Our micro radio controllled helicopters are 4 channel, meaning you have full 3D control and unlike the 2-3 channel toy shop ones, you can also bank left and right. As an example I have selected this Z008 Mini 4ch RC Helicopter RTF with Gyro and USB. This palm size 4 channel RC helicopter is amazing! It is able to move in all directions: up-down, forward-backward, left-right, bank right and left, spin on its axes just like the real thing!
Our Price £34.99
  1. 2. Co-axial RC Helicopters – Featuring two sets of main blades which rotate in different directions. These radio controlled helicopters will make ideal starting model for a beginner in this fantastic hobby before moving to single blade model. As a good example I have picked the Esky Co-Comanche 4CH RC Helicopters – 2.4Ghz Version.You can have all the fun and thrills of flying a proper rc helicopter but without the hours of practice. There are many twin blade RC helicopters on the market now but the Comanche is in a league of its own with much better performance and agility.


Our Price £89.99


  1. 3. Fixed Pitch RC Helicopters – The next step in the RC helicopter field is flying a single blade remote control helicopter. These are more difficult to fly so the training set is recommended. Fixed pitch means the blades are at a locked angle so they are simpler in construction and therefore cheaper and easier to repair if you crash. We have extensive choice to suit all demands, as an example I have selected our best selling model Esky Honey Bee V2 4ch Rc Helicopter – 2.4Ghz Version. The Honey Bee V2 is the latest version of this worldwide famous beginners RC helicopter. If you want to learn how to fly a proper single blade helicopter then this is the best choice. The Esky Honey Bee Series of radio controlled helicopters feature good performance for superior strength, stability, controllable flight and durability.
Our Price £89.99


  1. 4. Collective Pitch RC He licopters – It is possible to learn how to fly a radio controlled helicopter on a collective pitch model although not recommended, this type of models is the last logical step on your learning curve. Collective pitch means that when you increase the throttle the blades automatically also angle upwards to give massive amounts of lift. It’s this extra lift that allows these rc helicopters to perform stunts such as flying upside down and doing loops etc. The best model we have on offer is this CopterX 450 Pro Torque Tube RTF 2.4G Rc Helicopter. You will never need to spend money upgrading the 450 Pro as all upgrades come as standard with full CNC aluminum or carbon throughout. A lot of parts on the rotor head are over sized or hardened. 4mm feathering shaft, hardened aluminum alloy washout, oversize main shaft lock collar, one piece swashplate, etc. All these allow high loading for extreme 3D maneuvers.


Our price £279.98

I hope you have found what you have been looking for, if not you can visit our website www.nitrotek.co.uk

Team Nitrotek


RC Boat Choice from Nitrotek

This week I would like to share with you my opinions on some of our great radio controlled boats. We have few RC boats in stock as well as some RC Hovercrafts.

My first choice is a remote control boat from Dynam:

Targa 38 EP Electric Radio Controlled Boat RTR 2.4GHz

Retail price: £109.99

Our top of the range rc boats is the Dynam Rc Targa. This remote control boat features a proper racing engine, seperate ESC and high quality 2.4GHz radio gear like the one that can be found on a radio controlled car. These boats also use a 7.2V Tamiya type race battery pack, giving more power and very high speeds. You’ll be in the water and racing at full speed in no time at all because the Targa 38 RC boats come out of the box Ready For Fun!

My second choice from our  radio controlled boats is:

1:16 Scale Dolphin Rc Boats with Water Cooled Motor

Our Price £59.98

This superb looking rc boat is driven by a powerful 540 type racing motor which for its size produces an incredible amount of power. It comes with professionally designed large torsion propeller which provide an immense amount of thrust. The look of this remote control boat is great, too.

My third choice out of RC boats is this fun loaded Radio Controlled Hovercraft

Our Price £39.98

The ultimate land and water vehicle is here! Yes, now you can move effortlessly from one to the other with this amazing electric powered hovercraft.Carefully designed for realism, the detail on this rc hovercraft is excellent. It has a powerful rear mounted fan with rudders and a black rubber skirt as seen on the famous cross-channel hovercraft.It comes in a range of striking colour schemes and will bring a smile to anybody’s face, as you take it off land and drive it into water for the first time!

Pick of the Planes

This is all about RC planes,  Nitrotek has a great selection of radio controlled planes to suit all kinds of pilots, from beginners to advanced fliers.
RC planes for Beginners:
The best radio controlled plane to get started with is probably the Hawk Sky 4CH Brushless Sport Trainer Plane – 2.4GHz

Our Price £124.99

This is a great remote control plane for a novice wanting to start flying. Controls are easy to learn and you can alter the setting to make the plane more or less responsive depending on your skill level. It’s a great 4 channel RC plane, but you could use it as a 3 channel – just don’t hook up the wire for the wings and you get a basic flyer. I prefer to get going with the 4channel straight off, you can do rolls, inverted flight and loops! The standard battery that comes with the remote control plane lasts about 30 mins flying time. The plane is made of strong EPO foam and will take the good odd knock, but any straight fast dive into the ground and it will need a repair. The Transmitter works great, it’s a  nice size and is a 2.4 gHz, so you get a good signal. The rc plane comes 95% complete; all you need to do is fix the tail section on, connect up the rods etc. and apply the decals – all takes about an hour (plus time for the glue to dry).

Warbird – radio controlled planes:

We have an extensive range of radio controlled planes in this category , I personally love the new Spitfire 4Ch RC Plane with Retractable Landing Gear 2.4GHz from Dynam.

Our Price £164.99 RTF version

The new Spitfire 1200mm RC Warbird by Dynam comes with everything included. The 11.1V 2200mah li-po battery provides an impressive 18 minutes flight time between each charge.The high powered 1100KV Brushless motor and 3 blade propeller provide more than enough motive power to give stunning stability in all weather conditions! The all new working electronic worm drive retracts provide added scale realism and functionality that makes this rc plane stand out from the rest. Retracting the wheels after take off looks fantastic and will wow any onlookers. The model is ready to fly and great durability add a new dimension to this feature rich model.

The remote control plane is made of highly durable EPO-foam for added durability.

Large scale RC planes:

From the choice of large scale models I have picked a truly remarkable rc plane – the MX2 Green RC Plane.

Our Price £129.98 Plug-And-Play Version

The MX2 Green we have here is a replica of the first one used in the first air race season in 2006 in Abu Dhabi. Starmax have pulled out all the stops with this one and it looks magnificent. With its sporting acrobatic pedigree this is a radio controlled aeroplane that will give the experienced pilot hours of grin factor entertainment.

This is a large scale rc plane offering both great looks and additional stability in the air, even when it is windy.

I think this gives you enough food for thought for now. I will have more on RC planes later this week, on gliders and Jets, so please stay tuned in.

Team Nitrotek.


Gift Ideas for Boys

Top banner - gift ideas for men and boys aged 14 - 16

Gift Ideas for Men / Boys Aged 14-16

Nitrotek’s gift ideas for men and boys aged 14 to 16 are great fun and with the right care taken, will last forever. Some are in the form of a kit and need to be assembled before you run the model, but don’t worry the instructions are extensive plus we have excellent technical support team which will help them put the model together if they get stuck. On the other side we have gift ideas for men & boys that could be run straight out of the box. One way or the other our gift ideas are unforgettable, educational and fun.

5889 Metal remote control helicopter 5889 RC Metal Helicopter 4ch 2.4G
Our Price £69.99

Here’s a great 4 channel radio controlled helicopter that would make an amazing gift idea for men & boys who love gadgets. This gift would suit people who have maybe had a twin blade helicopter before but are ready to take things to the next level. It’s suitable for 14-16 year olds as it is more of a challenge but more rewarding than the twin blade remote control helicopters that they may find to easy The single blade setup makes it more realistic and it flies like a real helicopter.


Dynam RC EZ Hawk Trainer Rc PlanesEZ Hawk Electric 3CH RTF Brushless Trainer Plane
Our Price £114.99

Dynam’s EZ Hawk rc plane with its brushless motor is the perfect gift idea for men and boys. Only a small amount of assembly is required once the box is opened and they will by flying this glider in a matter of minutes! The EZ Hawk trainer is constructed from a durable EPO foam so it can take the knocks! This is fantastic gift idea that may start a new passion for RC planes and flying. 


Condor nitro Radio Controlled Car self build Kit Condor Self Build Nitro RC Buggy Kit
Our Price £139.99

This build it yourself nitro radio controlled car kit  is one of our most popular gifts. Forget  Lego etc., these self build kits provide hours of fun and when they are finished they are actually fun to use! For all of  the hours of enjoyment your loved ones will get from first building and then racing these kits, they are amazing value for money. In particular these are a very popular Christmas gift as they will keep kids and big kids quiet while they build the models over the Christmas holidays.


Werewolf 1/8 scale pro brushless electric rc buggy Werewolf 1/8 Brushless Electric RC Buggy – PRO
Our Price £259.99

If you are looking to splash out then this is our highest spec electric radio control car. This model will make an ideal gift for men and boys interested in cars. These models are ridiculously quick and will deliver masive amounts of fun and joy. The Werewolf will go well over 50mph, and its upgradeable setup means this buggies potential is endless and so is your choice of next present.


Hummer petrol RC truckShengQi 1/5th Petrol RC Monster Trucks – Hummer
Our Price £414.99

If you are looking for the ultimate gift idea then this ShengQi petrol powered Hummer is the ultimate boys choice. It’s big, fast and solidly built. It runs on a mixture of petrol and oil that can be bought from any petrol station. This is a beast with a massive feature list, an extreme petrol rc truck with loads of power  that pushes these petrol trucks to speeds of up to 80 km/h! Look at similar petrol rc trucks the same specs on the market, they retail for over twice what we are selling these trucks for! This is the best ever gift idea for men and boys!!


Small gift box icon bullet point.Gift Ideas For Men – Home
Small gift box icon bullet point.Gift Ideas for Men / Boys Aged 10-14
Small gift box icon bullet point.Gift Ideas for Men Aged 17+

If after reading through our gift ideas for men you are still finding it difficult to find that perfect gift feel free to call us on 0161 88 300 54, let us know about the person the gift is for, and we will be happy to talk you through a few more gifts that should suit them.

GS Racing Team in Action

NNRC Winter Series Rd1

NNRC Winter series Rd1
Ian (right) and Gavin (left) from GS Racing Team UK both pictured with the GS Racing Storm CLX Pro 1/8th Nitro Rc Buggy.

“This past Sunday 16/10/2011 saw the first round of NNRC’s winter series at the all astro venue just outside Preston.

We were greeted with a “it’s grim oop norf” start to the day with that horrible drrizzle, you know the kind that soaks ya thru. But the hardy northerners ever optimistic stuck it out and were rewarded with clear skies not long after 10am even though the track would stay wet right up to the finals. The quallies saw local lad Ollie Evans and his OS powered Losi putting on a cracking performance equalled by GS driver Ian Boushear with a very composed and well set up car, both drivers coping well with the tricky conditions. In truggies NNRC timekeeper and resident ginger Wayne Eley lead the way initially, with Ste Jones hot on his heels. Kev Davies would then stamp his authority on proceedings in the third round as he got to grips with the Losi Truggy after changing from JQ buggies for winter, showing the guys why he is twice club champ at NNRC.

The final were 25 mins of war, especially in truggies with Wayne, Ste, & Kev going toe to toe for the first 9 mins until lapped traffic played it’s hand and saw Kev drop back from the leaders after struggling to get past lapped cars. And Wayne was also to retire with mechanical issues, giving Ste a well-deserved win.

The Buggy A final was more of the same with Ollie and Ian going at it for the full 25 mins. With some skilful overtakes and awesome machine control from the both of them. I must say tho the GS looks impressive in Ians hands!

Final results were:

Truggy/Buggy B:
1st Ste Jones
2nd Kev Davies
3rd Andy

Buggy A:
1st Ollie Evans
2nd Ian Boushear (GS Racing Team UK)
3rd Gaz Davies

GS Racing Team UK is supported by Nitrotek.


ESky Honey Bee CT – 3 Blade flybarless RC Helicopter

The Honey Bee CT is the first flybarless, three blade RC helicopter manufactured by ESKY. This all new helicopter has a realistic appearance, flybarless structure, and comes with the special 3 blade structure with aluminium rotor head. Thanks to the CCPM collective pitch setup it’s capable of 3D aerobatic flight. All the main blades are able to change their pitch to increase lift and perform swift changes of movement. The motor driven tail blades provides higher sensitivity and rapid response.


  • Main Rotor Diameter:490mm
  • Length:525mm
  • Width:110mm
  • Height:185mm
  • Weight:440g(including battery)
  • 6-Channel Transmitter
  • 6-Channel Receiver
  • 7.5g Digital Servos(1.0kg.cm,0.1s/60°)× 3pcs
  • “3 in 1” Controller(W/Gyro,Mixer,Receiver)
  • Super 370 Motor + CN12 Motor
  • Li-po Balance Charger
  • 11.1V 1000mAh Li-polymer Battery

The tri-blade structure and solid aluminium CCPM rotor head allows you to fly the heli inverted and perform many other special tricks. The flybarless structure makes the rotor head mechanism simpler and easier to repair and maintain. The Honey Bee CT shares the same frame and electronics with the Honey Bee CPX. The front of the fuselage can be detached without using tools, making it easier to change the battery, and make repairs. At the centre of the helicopter is a simple 3 in 1 controller that does all the jobs of the gyro, receiver and mixer.

The Honey Bee CT – Remote Control Helicopter is supplied with all you need, including batteries for the radio transmitter and field charger. This radio controlled helicopter comes with the newly design 2.4GHz frequency RC system with advanced Spread Spectrum Technology (SST) and digital FSK (frequency shift key) coding technology. This offers many advantages compared to traditional equipment.

For our full range of RC Helicopters please visit our website www.nitrotek.co.uk

Helicopters back in stock

Hi RC fans,
I have got a good news, we have just received massive shipment of remote controlled helicopters. Some of them are on the smaller side like this Z008 Mini 4ch RC Helicopter RTF with Gyro and USBThis palm size 4 channel helicopter is amazing! It is able to move in 6 directions, including spinning on its own axis, just like the real thing! You can fly 3 together with your friends, thanks to 3 selectable bands, and even charge it from the USB port of your computer. Don’t miss this one.
All the way to this beast of a rc helicopter Giant Airwolf RTF 4Ch RC Helicopter with Lipo Battery (7.4V 1500mah)
This beautiful SUPER SIZE AIRWOLF – 4 chl RC Helicopter with a contra-rotating double rotors system is unlike other helicopters, this helicopter is BIG. Measures about 60 cm in length (more then 23 inches) with impressive look and feel it delivers maximum flight experience indoor and outdoor
If the one above is too big why not go for some of the ones in the middle like this RC Metal Helicopter 4ch 2.4G RTF Built in Gyro Here’s a great 2.4GHz 4 channel tail rotor helicopter at an amazing price. It’s very realistic looking and its 4 channels means it can move in six directions – left, right, backwards, forwards, up, down and rotate either left or right on its axis, so it moves just like a real helicopter.


  • 4 Channel – Up/down, Right/left turn, forward, backward, side moving
  • Single layer blades
  • High and low speed level – high speed for advanced pilot and low speed for beginners
  • Flight time: around 7 minutes
  • Charging time: around 2.5hours
  • LED lights indicating power output
  • Lights warning while low voltage
  • 2.4G frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology
  • Alarm when low power

If you haven’t find anything you like here , you can visit our website at www.nitrotek.co.uk

I will have a bit more information about the new RC boat Targa 38 in few days time.

Have great day

Team Nitrotek

Dynam Planes on Pre-Order Now

Hi RC enthusiasts,
I have great news, Dynam planes are coming in on the September 2nd. We have them on pre order now so do not hesitate and get yours pre-ordered ( you will save £10). There are some changes, most of the models now come with 2.4GHz radio gear, so no more fears of interference from fellow pilots! For those of you who like Trainers we have the

EZ Hawk Electric 3CH RTF Brushless RC Plane (£104.99)

or the

Hawk Sky 4CH Brushless Sport Trainer Plane – 2.4GHz (114.98)

We have fantastic new scale warbird –

Spitfire 4Ch RC Plane with Retractable Landing Gear 2.4GHz RTF (£154.99)

The warbird series has been expanded to include a scale replica of the ultimate British fighter the Spitfire,looks stunning just like a real plane. After months of flight testing and design work, Dyman has produced an aircraft that is very stable and capable of maintaining flight at very slow speeds that allow novice to master flight mechanics with ease.

The new Spitfire 1200mm RC Warbird by Dynam comes with a 11.1V 2200mah li-po battery, providing impressive, up to an 18 minutes flight time between each charge.

The high powered 1100KV Brushless motor and 3 blade propeller provide more than enough motive power to give stunning stability in all weather conditions!

The new electronic worm drive retracts provide added scale realism, plug and play functionality and real durability add a new dimension to this feature rich model.

The model is made of highly durable EPO-foam for added durability.

Ground handling of the Spitfire 1200mm RC plane is great due to the steering tail wheel and the large main wheels will cope with both grass and asphalt runways. Take offs are a snap with plenty of rudder authority being available, landings are easy too, as this aircraft can be slowed down without showing any spiteful tendencies

The Spitfire RC Warbird is easy to assemble, only takes about 45 mins.The aircraft includes electronic retracts, comes with an extra servo for the flaps and 2.4ghz 5 channel radio

We have selected a stunning colour schemes that show this aircraft off to the maximum.


  • Wingspan: 47 inches (1200mm)
  • Overall Length: 40 inches (1010mm)
  • Flying Weight: 42.32 oz (1200 g) w/Battery
  • Motor Size: 1100kv outrunner brushless motors (installed)
  • Radio: 2.4ghz 5 channel included
  • Servos: 4 x 9g Servos installed
  • Speed Control : Dynam Pro 30A Brushless with Switch-Mode BEC (installed)
  • Battery: 3C 11.1V 2200 25C
  • Flight Times: Average (6-12 mins)
  • Assembly Time: 45min

You can find these and many more models on our website – www.nitrotek.co.uk

Have great day,
team Nitrotek