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1/18th scale RC fun x modest budget = BEAM BUGGY + KING TRUGGY

At Nitrotek, we are always looking for ways to improve the features and performance of our models without adding to the cost!

The Beam Buggy and King Truggy are two highlights in the RC world that deliver in performance, technology and value for money…

They combine light weight, simple design and huge performance with the latest in 2.4ghz radio technology and are sure to bring a smile to all drivers both young and young at heart!

Click the pictures to find out moreDSC_w7840 DSC_7887

Check Out the Spec on the GS Racing Vision Pro Nitro RTR RC Car – Coming Soon!

Vision Pro RTR nitro RC Car - BMW shell
Vision Pro RTR nitro RC Car - BMW shell

Following on from last week’s article about the CL-1 RTR we thought we’d introduce you to another of the GS Racing models which we will be offering you very soon. So here is the GS Racing Vision Pro RTR 1/10th scale nitro radio controlled car, which will be available in the three superb shells you see pictured here: Citroen, BMW and Subaru Imprezza rally cars.
Vision Pro RTR with Subaru Imprezza shell
Vision Pro RTR with Subaru Imprezza shell
Designed to build on the success of the Vision EVO RTR GS have added a higher level of specification to these touring type cars – the transmission, suspension and all mechanical components have been strengthened and re-engineered to a PRO level. The Vision is equipped with the 4mm 7075 aluminium alloy chassis, competition shocks and swaybar system, and the newly added aluminium two speed gear set in a true racing style housing.
Other than the full list of features below, the Vision Pro is packing a CNC lightened chassis; aluminium shock bodies with an adjustable damping system; front and rear sway bars; lightened aluminium wheel hub; and an aluminium 2 speed gear ratio system. The quality of these models has to be seen to be believed, but these photographs show the attention to detail in the shells and also the chassis. These models will come equipped with 2.4G radio gear and the tried and trusted Team infinity .18 nitro powerhouse.



Citroen Body Shell
Citroen Body Shell
Length: 380mm
Width: 198mm
Height: 104mm
Ground clearance: F/R: 4.5/5.5mm
Wheelbase: 260mm
Track: 172mm
Gear ratio: 11.69:1
Weight: 1700g
Tank: 75cc
Radio equipment: 2.4GHz with LCD display
Engine: Team Infinity .18 Nitro


Chassis of Vision Pro from GS Racing
Chassis of Vision Pro from GS Racing
Fully adjustable pivot ball suspension
Finished pre-mounted body
GS Racing camber clip system
75cc fuel tank with splash guard
2.4G Radio system included
Sealed radio box with transponder mount
GS fuel bottle and glowstarter included
Powerful nitro engine
7075 aluminium alloy chassis – for lightness and strength


So what’s in the box: this is a ready to run model so when you open the box you’ll find a 100% assembled model; a GS tool set; preprinted body with decals; manual; 2.4G radio equipment.
So not too long to wait now, we’re hoping to be able to ship these from late June, so don’t forget to keep up to date both here and by liking our Facebook page.

GS Racing RC Cars Update

We announced last month that we are proud to be bringing the GS Racing range back to the UK, as promised here’s a further update.
We’re planning to start shipping these high quality models at the end of June so only a couple of months off; prices, and pre-order availability will be announced on this blog very soon. These are the models you can win national competitons with, last year a GS model won the Brazillian Nationals and only recently Georg Horninger came 3rd in the Austrian National Championships with his GS Racing buggy.
If you want to know what to expect, have a look at this video of the GS Racing Conqueror, which is the Nitro powered Pajero replica.
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GS Racing RC Cars Coming Back to the UK

We at Nitrotek are so excited to be able to tell you that very shortly we will be bringing the respected GS Racing range of rc cars, trucks, buggies and truggies back to the UK!
These models combine fantastic looks, brushless or nitro powered propulsion, outstanding build quality and as you’ve come to expect from Nitrotek – amazing value for money. Not only this but the range includes yet more licenced shells including Subaru, Citroen, BMW, Mitsubishi and also some striking buggy and truggy designs.

Pajero RC 4x4
Pajero RC 4x4

For those into their 4x4s, then this radio controlled Mitsubishi Pajero/Shogun (left) will give you the opportunity to stage your own stages of the Paris-Dakkar wherever you like! A faithful reproduction of these specially prepared 4WD beasts, this model stands out from the crowd as something extra special, or is that extra-ordinary!? This Mitsubishi is nitro powered with a rear mounted exhaust and features the renowned Team Infinity nitro engine. See picture below for chassis layout.

Chassis for Nitro Powered RC Pajero
Chassis for Nitro Powered RC Pajero

Vision Evo BMW M3 Rc Car
Vision Evo BMW M3 Rc Car
If on road, touring cars and rally cars are more your thing then look no further than this stunning looking BMW, equipped with 2.4G radio gear this is another nitro powered beast, with low centre of gravity, giving awesome grip even at high speed. Also available with a Subaru Imprezza Shell and a Citroen Xsara – there’s something to suit all tastes.
As with all GS Racing models these touring cars are superbly finished on the outside and precsion engineered on the inside; attention to detail is second to none. These models are also fitted with the Team Infinity engines, that you know and trust.

GS Racing Brushless RC Buggy
GS Racing Brushless RC Buggy
Maybe electric is more your thing, not everyone is a petrol or nitro head afterall; well you are catered for by these models too. The model shown left is the familiar buggy shape, with large offroad tyres, high downforce wing and an extremely powerful li-po, brushless motor and brushless ESC combo. These models will not disappoint – they look great and are faster than you will believe! Take a look at the picture below showing the chassis layout and note the cable management, the carefully thought out layout – giving you plenty of room to get in for maintenance purposes. I think you’ll agree these models are in a class of their own and are suitable for the hobbyist and serious racer alike.
Brushless RC Buggy Chassis
Brushless RC Buggy Chassis

Keep an eye on our twitter and our Facebook Fan Page for more information, updates on when these models will be arriving, and news of any pre-order offers.

NEW PRODUCT! Build-it-yourself Electric RC Truggy Kits

Nitrotek were the first to bring you the complete all in one box Nitro kit and these have been one of our most popular items since the day we introduced them. To build on this success we are now adding some electric self build kits to our range. Both Brushless and Brushed versions of the kit are available. For those who don’t fancy building one, we do also sell both versions pre-built.

Raptor Self Build RC Truggy Kit
Raptor Self Build RC Truggy Kit (Brushless Version)

These kits are perfect for those who enjoy building models as much as using them! Forget Lego etc, these self build kits provide hours of fun and when they are finished they are actually fun to use! For the hours of use and enjoyment you will get from first building and then racing them, these kits are amazing value for money.

If you are new to electric rc cars then buying a self build kit is a great way to learn about the hobby and see how they work before going out and racing them. We sell some self builld models to schools as they are educational and a great introduction to mechanics and engineering. There is no other product on the market that gives such a complete all in the box kit like this.

Raptor once built
Raptor once built

Unlike other self build kits on the market that only include the basic chassis and none of the electronics etc, these kits include all the components needed to build them! Brushless motor, ESC, pistol type radio equipment, grease, oil etc – everything is there, even the tools needed to build them. Construction will take around 8 – 12 hours on average and is recommended for ages 14+.
Our brushed version offers a very low cost option to get you into the hobby, but even at £109.99 these feature a big motor and a 7.2V battery meaning these models are rapid, great fun and all at an amazing price!
For someone who wants something even faster then the brushless version is capable of speeds of around 40mph in the right conditions, and in scale model terms that is very rapid! The special motor in this kit is much quicker than the motors found in other models. Because it is brushless it also means the motor needs no maintenance and can handle a lot more power being pumped into it. So to take full advantage of that, the standard 7.2v Ni-Cd batteries that are found in most rc car kits has been replaced with a very powerful 11.1v lithium battery along with a balanced lithium battery charger which is needed for these special batteries.
So what are you waiting for, we include next day mainland UK delivery in our price, and parts, support and advice. Click the links below for more info and to order!

Raptor Brushed Version – £109.99
Raptor Brushless Version – £159.98

Nitrotek’s March Video Winner

These months seem to come around more quickly all the time, here we are at the beginning of April already, and it’s time to announce our March Video Winner.
This month the prize goes to Craig Ellis for his well thought out and edited footage of our 1/5 scale ShengQi models; this video features the Hummer shell and also the Ford. So congratulations to Craig, and £100 worth of Nitrotek credit is yours.

These ShengQi models are all due back in stock towards the end of April 2011, and at the time of writing you can pre-order one and save yourself £20 off the usual RRP. Not only do you save, but it means you’re sure of getting one; these 1/5 scale monsters usually sell within days of arriving! If you want more information or wish to order click this link, and it’ll take you straight to our 1/5 scale page.

So don’t forget to get YOUR videos uploaded for the chance to win £100 of Nitrotek Credit.

Just arrived! Barbarian EXL 1/8th Scale Brushless RC Monster Truck

Barbarian EXL Brushless Monster Truck 1/8th Scale

Check out this rc truck – the Barbarian EXL – it’s a massive, and extremely powerful radio controlled monster truck. This EXL is a fully built, fully featured, top of the range 1/8 scale off-road monster truck, and comes with many feature enhancements to make this a superb electric brushless motor powered model. This is the Pro version and it is fitted with high quality components – is 4WD and equipped with a powerful brushless motor which gives this monster phenomenal acceleration!

This model is the pinnacle of the brushless monster truck range! Its shiny chrome wheels just finish off the well engineered look of this model. Also you get a choice of colour for the beautifully finished shells – red or blue.

It has huge 16mm super big bore oil aluminum shocks, designed to smooth the ride as it speeds over the terrain of your choice; these in turn are secured to the aluminium chassis by a hardened aluminium shock tower. Couple this with the ultra-strength front and rear bumpers and you have a model that should withstand pretty much everything you can throw at it!

The Barbarian EXL is built using advanced components and innovative engineering to get the best performance out of your package. It has a newly developed C-hub steering system, where the king pin axis extends to the wheel centre; this feature improves steering performance. It has a specially designed suspension system, with twin adjustable rear suspension modes which allows for a flexible driving mode and a smooth driving mode.

Part of its performance is due to the lightweight ultra-compact gear box; this has a low centre of gravity, assisting with grip and control. The gearbox is also built to be highly durable, so that it can cope better with the hard knocks associated with monster truck use. It has been engineered with a gear ratio that offers both superb acceleration and a high top speed. Not only this but the gearbox consists of all steel gear and is of a pinion design which makes it easier to maintain and repair.

Big Bore 16mm Aluminium Shocks
Big Bore 16mm Aluminium Shocks

The Barbarian EXL is built around a narrow, but solid aluminum chassis; this centralised chassis design allows quicker steering and faster response. The blows are cushioned by the 16mm super big bore oil shocks, see pictures.

It also has fully adjustable sway bar ball cups, for customisable and better traction and stability, depending on whether you’re speeding across tarmac or roughing it over gravel and tougher terrain. Additionally the front bumper is built so that it moves backwards on impact, this can prevent the chassis from becoming distorted or even broken when landing after jumps. All the linkages can be set with adjustable turnbuckle.

Due to the amount of power this combination of battery, ESC and motor can deliver, the Barbarian EXL features two cooling fans – one for the motor, one for the ESC.

This is no small model, the Barbarian is a beast – 570mm long and with a massive 50mm of ground clearance – on top of this it is almost as wide as it is long!

You’ll be able to drive this almost everywhere – tarmac, gravel, on-road, off-road – the choice is yours.

Order yours now – for only £299.99 including next day UK mainland delivery. Click here and BUY!

August Video Winner FS Buggy Pro

Congratulations go to Jonathan Zephir who submitted this nicely edited video of his FS Buggy in action. Jonathan has won £100 of credit to spend in our online store, on spares, or maybe a new model.

If you want the chance to win £100, then upload your videos using the links on our web site. (We are having a few technical issues with the eBay link at the moment, so just upload the original file from your hard drive) And don’t forget to include your name and email address or we won’t be able to contact you with your prize!!

HSP Gladiator 1:10 Scale Nitro RC Off Roader

HSP Gladiator Truggy
HSP Gladiator

Another new model added to our range for summer 2010 is the HiSpeed Gladiator, a 1/10th scale nitro powered, 4WD, off road truggy.
This is the stunning looking and even better performing HSP nitro radio controlled truggy. The fusion of buggy and truck in to one awesome set of wheels. This truggy is extra tough and a great off road performer, it can still stand its ground on the road too! The Gladiator is feature packed making it one of the top spec truggies on the market and the .18 engine, and two-speed automatic gearbox makes it extremely quick. The Gladiator comes fully built with everything included apart from fuel, glow start (both optional below) and 12 normal AA batteries.

It has some special features that add to the quality of this model. For example the front and rear diffs are not only assembled from high quality bevel gears, but they have been designed for easy user maintenance. Likewise the disc brake system allows users to quickly change the brake pads and so ensuring you’ll always have optimum braking power. If you don’t quite stop in time, there’s bumpers front and back that’ll take some of the sting out of the impact.

This brilliant radio controlled truck, truggy, is available from our web site for £149.99, or if you pre-order before its arrival on or around the 23rd July 2010 you can save an extra £10!

Radio Controlled FS Monster Truck Getting Rave Reviews

FS Monster Truck Reviews
FS Monster Truck

Our electric rc FS Monster truck is getting fantastic reviews and ratings on our web site now, not just for its performance but its looks and the amazing price of just £99.99 including UK Next Day Delivery (if order received pre 1pm).
Look at these comments:

“This is absolutely brilliant… they say ‘you get what you pay for’ but in this case I feel like I actually got more.” Richard M.

“This is one brilliant TOUGH truck.”

“omg it goes so fast I went across like 300 meters in 15 seconds best car I have got.” A Howe

“It is very well built and very fast. It will pull wheelies with ease, climb mud and rock piles with no problems.” Gary

“YES – it is as good as the reviews read! absolutly bullet proof! the truck is a MONSTER – far bigger than expected and fast for its size!… BUY ONE! from a sad 38 year old – with a big smile on his face!” Daz

So what are you waiting for £99.99 for as much fun as you can handle! Click here to find out more!