Stock delivery

The new stock has now arrived.

We’ll put the Acme 1/10th parts that were out of stock back on the site now.

The NB16 hop-ups look great! Unfortunately a few of them did not arrive 🙁 but most of the important ones did. The aluminium shocks did not arrive which is bad news but as soon as we have a delivery date I’ll post it on here.

We’re going to go and shoot the photos of the hop-ups now and then will hopefully have them on the site very late tonight or tomorrow. Stock is quite limited on this first delivery as when we ordered them we had no idea what the demand was going to be like so get them quick to avoid dissapointment.

Quick note – The Team Infinity aluminium manifolds for the 1/10th nitro that sold out should be back in stock in around 2 – 3 weeks.

New Web Site Design

Some of you may have noticed that we have given the site a re-vamp by changing the layout and adding loads of new sections including a much bigger help section. This is in preperation for all the new products we have coming in around mid June but more about that later!

We’d love to hear your comments on the new design, such as whether you like it or if you prefer the old design, or maybe there’s something else you would like to see on the site. Any suggestions would be most welcome.