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Gift Ideas for Boys

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Gift Ideas for Men / Boys Aged 14-16

Nitrotek’s gift ideas for men and boys aged 14 to 16 are great fun and with the right care taken, will last forever. Some are in the form of a kit and need to be assembled before you run the model, but don’t worry the instructions are extensive plus we have excellent technical support team which will help them put the model together if they get stuck. On the other side we have gift ideas for men & boys that could be run straight out of the box. One way or the other our gift ideas are unforgettable, educational and fun.

5889 Metal remote control helicopter 5889 RC Metal Helicopter 4ch 2.4G
Our Price £69.99

Here’s a great 4 channel radio controlled helicopter that would make an amazing gift idea for men & boys who love gadgets. This gift would suit people who have maybe had a twin blade helicopter before but are ready to take things to the next level. It’s suitable for 14-16 year olds as it is more of a challenge but more rewarding than the twin blade remote control helicopters that they may find to easy The single blade setup makes it more realistic and it flies like a real helicopter.


Dynam RC EZ Hawk Trainer Rc PlanesEZ Hawk Electric 3CH RTF Brushless Trainer Plane
Our Price £114.99

Dynam’s EZ Hawk rc plane with its brushless motor is the perfect gift idea for men and boys. Only a small amount of assembly is required once the box is opened and they will by flying this glider in a matter of minutes! The EZ Hawk trainer is constructed from a durable EPO foam so it can take the knocks! This is fantastic gift idea that may start a new passion for RC planes and flying. 


Condor nitro Radio Controlled Car self build Kit Condor Self Build Nitro RC Buggy Kit
Our Price £139.99

This build it yourself nitro radio controlled car kit  is one of our most popular gifts. Forget  Lego etc., these self build kits provide hours of fun and when they are finished they are actually fun to use! For all of  the hours of enjoyment your loved ones will get from first building and then racing these kits, they are amazing value for money. In particular these are a very popular Christmas gift as they will keep kids and big kids quiet while they build the models over the Christmas holidays.


Werewolf 1/8 scale pro brushless electric rc buggy Werewolf 1/8 Brushless Electric RC Buggy – PRO
Our Price £259.99

If you are looking to splash out then this is our highest spec electric radio control car. This model will make an ideal gift for men and boys interested in cars. These models are ridiculously quick and will deliver masive amounts of fun and joy. The Werewolf will go well over 50mph, and its upgradeable setup means this buggies potential is endless and so is your choice of next present.


Hummer petrol RC truckShengQi 1/5th Petrol RC Monster Trucks – Hummer
Our Price £414.99

If you are looking for the ultimate gift idea then this ShengQi petrol powered Hummer is the ultimate boys choice. It’s big, fast and solidly built. It runs on a mixture of petrol and oil that can be bought from any petrol station. This is a beast with a massive feature list, an extreme petrol rc truck with loads of power  that pushes these petrol trucks to speeds of up to 80 km/h! Look at similar petrol rc trucks the same specs on the market, they retail for over twice what we are selling these trucks for! This is the best ever gift idea for men and boys!!


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If after reading through our gift ideas for men you are still finding it difficult to find that perfect gift feel free to call us on 0161 88 300 54, let us know about the person the gift is for, and we will be happy to talk you through a few more gifts that should suit them.

RTF – Ready to Fly, What Does it Mean?

You’ll see that all the radio controlled aeroplanes in our range are described as RTF or Ready to Fly, but what, exactly does RTF mean? Well it means, they’re the perfect model for someone who just wants to fly a plane, without weeks of construction and building from basic components. (Pictured right is our RTF rc Messerschmitt Me-109)

However even with a ready to fly plane there are still a few little steps that need to be completed before you can actually fly it. To protect the model during transit and to keep packaging and postal costs down the planes ship in several pieces and you will normally need to attach the wings and the tailplane and a few other parts before you can fly. In most kits any tools or glue that you’ll need are included; all that’s required from you is about 30 minutes to complete the process.

After you’ve fixed the final parts to your plane, there’s only two more things you’ll need: batteries for the transmitter and suitable weather conditions, unfortunately we can’t guarantee the latter!

Hopefully this explanation clarifies what is meant by RC planes and jets that are RTF or Ready to Fly.