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New 1:5 Scale Petrol Monster Truck Just Arrived


Brand new just in this 1/5th scale petrol RC Hummer special carbon edition. Comes with a big 30cc engine and 2.4G radio as standard. There is a 2WD to 4WD conversion set as an optional upgrade. Price is £399.99 with free delivery. More info here:

1/18th scale RC fun x modest budget = BEAM BUGGY + KING TRUGGY

At Nitrotek, we are always looking for ways to improve the features and performance of our models without adding to the cost!

The Beam Buggy and King Truggy are two highlights in the RC world that deliver in performance, technology and value for money…

They combine light weight, simple design and huge performance with the latest in 2.4ghz radio technology and are sure to bring a smile to all drivers both young and young at heart!

Click the pictures to find out moreDSC_w7840 DSC_7887

ShengQi V2 30.5CC 1:5 Petrol RC Monster Trucks – FORD F-250 2.4Ghz

Ford F-250 RC Monster Truck

This ShengQi RC Petrol Car is a beast with a massive feature list. This is an extreme model with loads of power thanks to its DZY 30.5cc engine with Japanese Waibro carburettor and NGK spark plug that pushes it to speeds of up to 80 km/h! Look at similar petrol radio controlled cars with the same specs on the market,  they retail for over twice what we are selling these for!

Picture showing the Ford F-150 Shengqi petrol remote control cars for sale
RRP £539.99 <<<>>> OUR PRICE £399.99

New stock of HiSpeed models is here!!

The new stock of the HSP RC cars has arrived. All of our best selling models are in stock and ready for next day delivery throughout UK mainland. We have received some new shells for RC Drift cars – Porsche in red and blue as well as Nissan Skyline plus some new models – Trojan RC buggy and Hunter truggy – 1/16 scale nitro RC cars. Flying Fish 1/16 scale drift RC cars – BMW and Mazda shell.

Trojan Buggy - Electric Radio Controlled Cars 2.4GHz - £79.99


Hunter Truggy - Electric Radio Controlled Cars 2.4GHz - £79.99


Flying Fish 2 BMW Electric Drift Radio Controlled Cars - 2.4GHz - £79.99


Flying Fish Porsche Electric RC Drift Car - 2.4GHz - £99.98

Ledbury Winter Finals day

The finish of ledbury winter series 11~12
Well what can i say but what a fantasic day sun, sun and more sun.
Right down to business.
I decided not to go out in pratice and let the others pull any moisture off the track so as not to get the car dirty or wet !. I was in the guest heats and finals as i had not done enough rounds to qualfy.
First round of heats and second corner in the warm up laps the car dropped the front almost to the floor, limped into the pits and found a shock shaft broke (*first breakage in three outings), thought my day was going to be a bad one !!!.
Next couple of heats with settings  left the same as my last outing at ledbury, things just got better and better.
In the last heat i thought i would try a couple of small changes and found they didn’t work, so from a !!!!! first heat to great subsequent heats.
Right finals, missed the A  by a second but was pole in the B and hoped for the bump.
My start was the best yet clean away and with 30 minutes to try and stay there, as each lap went by and after the first round of pit stops left the pits still leading, second stop ~still leading, third stop still leading and at the finish i was a lap up on the whole field.
Bump up.
A final starting from the back, i had a  clean start and with a few in front coming together at the first corner, i was now in the pack so for the rest of the 25 minutes i kept pushing as much as i could and slowly picked a few more places and finished 5th.
So from what i thought was going to be a bad day with the shock shaft break, the day got better and better.
The CLX just seems to get better and better, really working well and with mininal wear and only minor breakages it’s a great buggy and looking forward to the next outing.
Justin Twigg

Team Gsuk at Ledbury

A short race report from Justin Twigg from Ledbury winter series
I was at my local track for the second time only with the CLX.
The first time out at ledury i was just plaged with engine problems, and then the air filter coming off aghhhh

Anyway on to the second outing the track was fairly dry in practice first thing and only got better and better.
First couple of rounds of heat’s started ok but just got better and better, and by the third round was lying 4th overall
Next couple of rounds tried altering  the setup’s which didn’t pay off and i went back to original setup for the final.
Started 4th and with a good clean start, managed to keep 4th after the first crner 
The final was quite a battle going from 5th back to 4th for most of it but in the closing stages got 3rd.
The car felt really good but i should learn to leave things alone and not change setup when thing are going well !.
To sum up the clx is getting better and better with no breakages and no problems

Dez Chand Memorial race

a race report from the dez chand meeting although a bit late.

Dez Chand memorial race

First of all let me just say it was a honor to of known Dez over the last year since visiting coventry car club. and to pay my respects at the meeting. Over £4000 was raised at the meeting by the rc community defiantly a great event that The organisers should be proud of.

Although the meeting was not about results this was Gsracings first team event and first time at the astro track at Coventry

The day started off with a damp track with most people electing to go out on angle spike which was a plus for the Clx as the car generates a lot of mechanical grip and forward traction in the *damp conditions.

My own clx was probably setup too soft even with the cut angles on, as I was grip rolling in certain sections of the track if I pushed too hard.*way too much mechanical grip from the car

I did think the rain would come during the day and continued with the soft setup hoping to take advantage of the softer setup later in the day.

But as the meeting continued the track dried out so this was defiantly not the way to go with setup and probably going up 10wt all round and back to kit spring would have been a better setup but as this was the first time out for my clx round coventry. This reflected on my qualifying position so you live and learn.

In hindsight I would liked to visit the track the week before for some practice time to learn the track and on the day stiffened everything up and switched to pins earlier in the day.

Overall my CLX performed great during the course of the day with no problems or breakages Proving That the CLX is a very robust machine.

The Team

We also had Ian boushear heading up the GS team.

Qualifying 6th in the B final ( although never raced there before) and choosing to change to minipins right before the start of the race as he felt the angles were too loose he ended up loosing 2 precious laps right from the start tone while a manic malc changed the tyres And threw him down the pit ramp to rejoin the back of the pack. Finishing 12 overall in the B From 2 laps down.

Justin Twigg also had a good weekend only running there once before the opposite way round the track qualifying 14th in the C and pushing from the back of the pack to Finnish 7th overall Justin’s comments on the the car were very easy to drive and plenty of grip with no problems with the build.

We did have other non team drivers running the GS that weekend as well.

for our first team out with no previous track time or practice the cars and drivers did a great job..

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