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RC Boat Choice from Nitrotek

This week I would like to share with you my opinions on some of our great radio controlled boats. We have few RC boats in stock as well as some RC Hovercrafts.

My first choice is a remote control boat from Dynam:

Targa 38 EP Electric Radio Controlled Boat RTR 2.4GHz

Retail price: £109.99

Our top of the range rc boats is the Dynam Rc Targa. This remote control boat features a proper racing engine, seperate ESC and high quality 2.4GHz radio gear like the one that can be found on a radio controlled car. These boats also use a 7.2V Tamiya type race battery pack, giving more power and very high speeds. You’ll be in the water and racing at full speed in no time at all because the Targa 38 RC boats come out of the box Ready For Fun!

My second choice from our  radio controlled boats is:

1:16 Scale Dolphin Rc Boats with Water Cooled Motor

Our Price £59.98

This superb looking rc boat is driven by a powerful 540 type racing motor which for its size produces an incredible amount of power. It comes with professionally designed large torsion propeller which provide an immense amount of thrust. The look of this remote control boat is great, too.

My third choice out of RC boats is this fun loaded Radio Controlled Hovercraft

Our Price £39.98

The ultimate land and water vehicle is here! Yes, now you can move effortlessly from one to the other with this amazing electric powered hovercraft.Carefully designed for realism, the detail on this rc hovercraft is excellent. It has a powerful rear mounted fan with rudders and a black rubber skirt as seen on the famous cross-channel hovercraft.It comes in a range of striking colour schemes and will bring a smile to anybody’s face, as you take it off land and drive it into water for the first time!


Flying boats are great fun and a great challenge. As a boat they are very quick and easy to control but to fully master flying them takes a lot of practice, perfect for those who enjoy taking the time to master a hobby. The boats can even run on grass that makes them one of the most practical and satisfying models on the market.

Check out the video of them in action, there amazing!