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Nitrotek have moved!

Well we picked a crazy time to do it, but we simply couldn’t fit in our last premises any longer and so we’ve moved to much bigger offices and warehouse in Marple near Stockport.
We’re still trying to get all the loose ends tied up, such as new phone lines, and our thousands of spare parts in their rightful place but we’re nearly there and normal service is returning rapidly.
There has been a slight delay with getting parts out, but these have now started being despatched again, along with the models.
We’re improving the phone system we have for support and at the moment we’re on temporary numbers which are published on the top of our web site. Our new phone system will allow you to queue to speak to one of our support specialists, at busy times to save you having to keep trying.
All in all these are exciting times for us at Nitrotek, we’ve got lots of new models to tantalise you, and as always we aim to give you the best service we can.

Loads of new models added to site

After many late nights we’ve finally finished getting our new range of products onto the site. There are to many to list here but there are new radio controlled planes, helicopters, bb tanks, nitro boats, electric boats and a range of rc toys and gadgets. We’ve got a good range of products with most items having both an entry level version and advanced version.

We’ve tried to use lots of photos and also videos where possible so you can see the models first.

We have a few more nitro products coming in a couple of months in time for Christmas but more news on that later.

Parts and model update

We have lots of stock and new products coming in this month:

1. NB16 pull starts should be here on around June 19th
2. The rest of the NB16 hop ups should be here around June 20th
3. Any NB16 or Acme 1/10th scale nitro car parts that are out of stock should also be here around June 20th

Also new products coming in around the end of the month include:

Electric entry rc planes
Intermediate electric rc planes
Both entry and advanced electric rc boats
Both entry and nitro rc boats
Radio controlled robots
Radio controlled construction toys

Plus loads of rc toys such as simple helicopters, massive pimped out monster trucks and mini novelty cars.

It will take a little while for us to get all the pictures and videos shot and put on the site but we should hopefully have it all done before the end of the month so check the site regularly for updates.

Stock delivery

The new stock has now arrived.

We’ll put the Acme 1/10th parts that were out of stock back on the site now.

The NB16 hop-ups look great! Unfortunately a few of them did not arrive 🙁 but most of the important ones did. The aluminium shocks did not arrive which is bad news but as soon as we have a delivery date I’ll post it on here.

We’re going to go and shoot the photos of the hop-ups now and then will hopefully have them on the site very late tonight or tomorrow. Stock is quite limited on this first delivery as when we ordered them we had no idea what the demand was going to be like so get them quick to avoid dissapointment.

Quick note – The Team Infinity aluminium manifolds for the 1/10th nitro that sold out should be back in stock in around 2 – 3 weeks.

New Web Site Design

Some of you may have noticed that we have given the site a re-vamp by changing the layout and adding loads of new sections including a much bigger help section. This is in preperation for all the new products we have coming in around mid June but more about that later!

We’d love to hear your comments on the new design, such as whether you like it or if you prefer the old design, or maybe there’s something else you would like to see on the site. Any suggestions would be most welcome.