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FS car, truck and buggy delayed further

Unfortunately, the delivery of the FS radio controlled car, truck and buggy, which was expected this week has been delayed yet again.

We had been given a revised arrival date of the 12th March, this has now been extended to the 19th March. We understand that this is frustrating for those of you who have pre-ordered, and are sorry for the setback.

We can assure you that as soon as we receive them that they will be despatched.
Please check either here or our twitter page for updates.

How To Start A Nitro Radio Controlled Car

Many people who buy their first rc nitro car struggle to get it started, often believing that the car is faulty and sending it back, frustrated! These engines need tuning, and running in before they’ll run smoothly, and there’s a bit of a knack to it, but once you’ve mastered the process, you’ll be running all manner of nitro engines with no problem.
Here we go:

1. Fill the fuel tank and check that the fuel lines are fitted properly, tightly and free of kinks which might impede the flow of fuel.

2. Prime the engine with fuel, the best way is by putting your finger over the exhaust or air intake and then pulling the starter cord until you see the fuel reach the engine. Once you see the fuel reach the engine pull the starter another couple of times to pull the fuel through the engine. If you can’t get the fuel into the engine make sure all the screws around the engine and manifold are properly tightened and that the lid on the fuel tank is closed. If it still will not prime take the end of the fuel line that connects to the exhaust off and blow down it which should force fuel into the engine.

3. Attach your glow starter to the glow plug, this is in the hollow part of the top cooling head of the engine.

4. Pull the starter cord with short quick jerks. Avoid pulling the cord 100% of its length as this could damage the spring. If the pull start becomes very hard to pull then it means the engine is flooded. If this happens you mustn’t pull the start again until you have de-flooded the engine or you could break it. If the engine is cold you may need to open the throttle a touch to help it start, also you may need to pull the start a good few times; the technique is quickly and consistently. If it is still stiff you could try unscrewing the glow plug half a turn and then when it starts tighten it up again.

5. If the setting are correct the engine should start. Disconnect the glow starter as soon as the engine is running.

The main needle adjustment is used to adjust the fuel to air mixture when you are accelerating. Once the engine is run in if it is spitting fuel from the exhaust you may want to turn the adjustment screw a little clockwise just a millimetre or so. Do not over tighten it though as this will overheat the engine and could melt the parts. When you make a change to the adjustment screw the changes will not take effect until after a couple of minutes running.

If after all this you still can’t get it started, there’s a couple more things you could try.

Remember that nitro engines need three things to work.

1. Good air flow through the air filter.
2. A fuel tank with fuel in it, it might seem obvious but…
3. And an ignition source, the glow plug.

Even if the glow plug glows that doesn’t always mean its working well. So it’s worth trying another one, just in case.

Be cautious of flooding the engine with fuel as you try to start it. Conversely make sure you don’t have the high speed needle too lean, thus not giving the engine enough fuel, effectively starving it.

If its cold outside try to warm up the engine with a hair dryer or whatever other heat source you like. Engines start much easier when they are near 120*F/49*C

Air leaks in the engine itself can cause issues as well. Common locations are the base of the carburetor, the back plate, and the front bearing.

And of course make sure your fuel tubing is good and flowing fuel.

Hopefully by now your engine will be humming sweetly!

In a later blog post we’ll discuss running or breaking your engine in.

RTF – Ready to Fly, What Does it Mean?

You’ll see that all the radio controlled aeroplanes in our range are described as RTF or Ready to Fly, but what, exactly does RTF mean? Well it means, they’re the perfect model for someone who just wants to fly a plane, without weeks of construction and building from basic components. (Pictured right is our RTF rc Messerschmitt Me-109)

However even with a ready to fly plane there are still a few little steps that need to be completed before you can actually fly it. To protect the model during transit and to keep packaging and postal costs down the planes ship in several pieces and you will normally need to attach the wings and the tailplane and a few other parts before you can fly. In most kits any tools or glue that you’ll need are included; all that’s required from you is about 30 minutes to complete the process.

After you’ve fixed the final parts to your plane, there’s only two more things you’ll need: batteries for the transmitter and suitable weather conditions, unfortunately we can’t guarantee the latter!

Hopefully this explanation clarifies what is meant by RC planes and jets that are RTF or Ready to Fly.

1/5 Scale Monster Truck, Hummer and Baja Buggy Back in Stock

Great news! The popular ShengQi remote controlled cars are back in stock, there’s the monster truck with its choice of either Hummer millitary vehicle or Ford monster truck shells.

This is an extreme model with loads of power thanks to its DZY 23cc engine with Japanese Waibro Carburetor and NGK spark plug that pushes it to speeds of up to 80 km/h! Check out the videos on our web site to see what this monster truck is capable of. There are similar 1/5th scale models with the same or less specs on the market, for over twice what we are selling these for!

Also is the stunning looking rc Baja Buggy If you are looking for a quality petrol RC buggy you will not find a better package for anywhere near this price. Hard aluminium chassis, centrifugal clutch, helical toothed differential, central gearbox, big fuel tank, over length oil filled shocks, the ShengQi Baja Buggy ticks all the boxes!

Both these models and shell varieties are now in stock and available for Free UK Next Day delivery (when order is received before 1pm).

Heng Long Panther G Pro Tank

If you fancy something different from a buggy or an rc car. Have you thought about trying your hand with our range of rc tanks. We’ve just posted some new photographs of the Panther G Professional, the best spec’d tank in our range.

This fantastic scale radio controlled replica from Heng Long looks great and is feature packed. The tank fires plastic bbs and is the pro version with metal tracks and parts, a built in real smoke generator and sound effects. Sound effects include emulation music, motor start-up, engine, machine-gun and cannonball when it fires a BB. Please note this tank comes in two different finishes, camo and grey.

For more information and to buy, click this link rc Panther G tank

February 2010 Video Winner

Congratulations go to Filbo who submitted his video entitled “Bug Crusher Likes to Fly”. This video shows just how much power and grip these rc cars have (though towing large things with your car probably isn’t advisable for the long life of the gears!)
Filbo you’ve won £100 credit to spend on kit at we’ve sent you an e-mail telling you how to claim your prize.
Thanks again for submitting the video and here it is below for all to see! Don’t forget to take, edit and submit your videos and you too could win £100 to spend at Nitrotek!

January 2010 Video £100 Winner

The winning video for January 2010 is Adam Williams’ excellent footage of his Starmax F-5E Tiger EDF Jet Fighter. We loved the camera angles, the on board video and the editing to make it short and entertaining, just enough to leave you wanting to see more. The backing music worked with the video, and a great landing finished it perfectly!
So Adam you’ve won £100 of Nitrotek credit, well done!

Everyone, film, edit and upload your videos of you and your models and you to could win £100 in Nitrotek credit!


New Entry Level and Race Ready Buggies on the way

Coming on or around March 19th 2010, new to the Nitrotek range are two 1/8 scale buggies from Acme: there’s the entry level, low cost Attacker and the full featured, race ready Warrior. They are available for pre-order now at a £10 or £20 saving on the usual model price (depending on model ordered).

The ACME Warrior is a fully built, fully featured, race ready, top of the range 1/8 scale off-road buggy, and comes with many feature enhancements to make this great looking car not only look the part but ‘be’ the part! There are two versions available here, the standard and the Pro, both have high quality components, and a powerful .21 nitro engine.

The warrior is built using advanced components and innovative engineering to get the best performance out of your package. It has a newly developed C-hub steering system, where the king pin axis extends to the wheel centre (see picture right) this feature improves steering performance. It has a specially designed suspension system, with twin adjustable rear suspension modes which allows for a flexible driving mode and a smooth driving mode.

Part of its performance is due to the lightweight ultra-compact gear box; this has a low centre of gravity, assisting with grip and control. The gearbox is also built to be highly durable, so that it can cope better with the hard knocks associated with buggy use.

It has been engineered with a gear ratio that offers both superb acceleration and a high top speed. Not only this but the gearbox consists of all steel gear and is of a pinion design which makes it easier to maintain and repair.

The Warrior is built around a solid aluminum chassis, which has a width of only 129mm; this centralised chassis design allows quicker steering and faster response. The blows are cushioned by the 16mm super big bore oil shocks, pictured left. The Warrior also has fully adjustable sway bar ball cups, and an adjustable high-downforce wing for better traction and stability.

Some features are specific to the Pro version and are not found on the standard version:

  • The standard model uses the normal dogbone, not CVD as in the Pro;
  • The standard version hasn’t been equipped with the Front & Rear Swaybar system;
  • There are only 2pcs diff.gears which on front, rear & center gear box of standard, while PRO is 4pcs;
  • The thickness of chassis & shock tower that on standard is 2.5mm & 3mm respectively, while the Pro is 3mm & 4mm;
  • The standard uses metal bearing.
  • All the linkages on Pro can be set with adjustable turnbuckle.

Then there is the Attacker:
The Attacker is ACME’s entry level to the world of 1/8 scale nitro powered model buggies. You’ll find it hard to find a fully built 1/8 buggy at this price anywhere, yet we’ve still spec’d this machine with aluminium shocks and a .18 nitro engine. It features a high downforce rear wing too as an aid to grip at speed. Designed as an off-road buggy, it has fully functional suspension and will run on a variety of terrains.

This buggy has everything you need to introduce you to the thrills and spills of 1/8 scale radio controlled cars.

The Attacker, Warrior Standard and Warrior Pro are all available with a remote start option.

Attacker nitro radio controlled buggy details
Warrior rc nitro buggy details

Keep tabs on and this blog for news of their arrival.

FS car, truck and buggy delayed

Unfortunately, the delivery of the FS radio controlled car, truck and buggy, which was expected this week has been delayed further. We have been given a revised arrival date of the 12th March. We understand that this is frustrating for those of you who have pre-ordered, and are sorry for the setback. We can assure you that as soon as we receive them that they will be despatched.
Please check either here or our twitter page for updates.

ACME RC Cars and Buggies Back in Stock

Nitrotek are delighted to announce that the ACME range of radio controlled buggies, trucks and cars are back in stock.

Models are available nitro powered or with brushless electric motors, and both types perform well with incredible speed.
Many of these vehicles have a choice of shell, so you can choose the colour scheme and style you prefer. Whichever you choose, they all have striking looks in bright colours and contrasting decals.
Take a look at our web site and see for your self at