The Top 5 Best RC Cars Of 2016: The Definitive List

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One of the most common questions we are asked is which is the best RC car. I’ve read a lot of lists and guides on general blog sites and affiliate sites where the writer is clearly not from the industry and they have just filled a page with Amazon links in the hope of getting some commission sales. So we have decided to put together this list of the best RC cars based on price, performance, ease of use and popularity.

Before jumping into the list I should mention about the different types of RC cars which are nitro, petrol and electric. All have advantages and disadvantages as below and the list includes all the types:

Nitro RC Cars


  • More realistic than electric with real engine noises.
  • Available in smaller sizes and cheaper than petrol.
  • Used to be the fastest, although some brushless electric cars are now the same speed or even faster.
  • Can be educational and are a fun introduction to mechanics and combustion engines.
  • No charge time, can just re-fill and go.


  • Can be difficult for beginners to start.
  • You must buy the fuel rather than just charging.
  • The fuel can be messy.

Petrol RC Cars

The petrol cars have the same basic pros and cons as the nitro when compared to an electric. The advantage of a petrol car is that you can get the petrol fuel from any petrol station and they are cheaper to run. The disadvantage is that they are more expensive to buy, not quite as fast and only available in bigger sizes so therefore need more space to be used.

Electric RC Cars


  • Easy to use.
  • Brushless versions are as fast as nitro.
  • Cheap to run.
  • Quiet


  • When the battery goes flat you must wait for it to re-charge (although spare batteries and fast chargers are available)
  • Not as realistic as nitro.

With that in mind, here is our list of the 5  best RC cars.

Best RC Car For Beginners

5.  HSP XSTR Electric Radio Controlled Buggy

Best RC Car For Beginners

At number five is the XSTR. This is a great all rounder with good abilities both on road and off. It is a great first step into proper hobby grade RC cars and is a very popular model. It has a brushed motor so although not as fast as a brushless, it is more than fast enough for a beginner. If a beginner starts on a brushless they always crash them. It’s better to get a brushed like this while you get used to the controls and then you can easily upgrade it to brushless later. The model is sold under many different brand names but HSP is the actual real factory so if you buy it HSP branded you can get it cheaper. Parts are easy to get hold of and there are lots of upgrades available also.

Why It Made The List:

  • Easy to control for beginners.
  • Low price.
  • Good performance on road and off with fully adjustable setup.
  • Good parts and upgrades backup.
  • Strong sturdy model .

You can buy the XSTR for £99.98 here.

Best Entry Level Nitro RC Car

4. Condor Nitro RC Buggy

Best Entry Level Nitro RC Car

If you are looking for the best first nitro car then you can’t go wrong with the Condor buggy. It has been on the market for a long time but has been continuously improved over the years. The new versions from April 2016 will now come with a hardened Delrin spur gear giving it a huge advantage over other entry level nitro cars. The most common issue a beginner has with their first nitro car is damaging their spur gear so as this is targeted at beginners this issue has been taken out of the equation. The model is very low priced but still has all the features you would expect from a hobby grade model and more with full adjustable setup, strong aluminium chassis, powerful .18 nitro engine and front/rear sway bars. The model has excellent parts backup and lots of available hop ups.

Why It Made The List:

  • Simple central gearbox with no setup required.
  • Very low price.
  • Now comes with hardened Delrin spur gear.
  • Well established model with good parts and upgrade availability.
  • Highly adjustable if you want or leave as it is for general use.

You can buy the Condor nitro buggy for £139.99 here.

Best Nitro RC Car

3. Warrior Nitro Buggy – Pro Version

Best Nitro RC Car

At number 3 on our list is the Warrior Pro 1:8 scale nitro RC buggy. This is a very fast model that is race ready. Everything on the model can be fine tuned to suit your driving style and the terrain.  The model ticks all the boxes that you would want on a top of the range nitro model including big bore shocks, sway bars, thicker aluminium chassis, three differentials, twin brake system and more, the list goes on and on. Many of the advanced settings may be wasted on a beginner but for those looking to take the hobby to the highest level then this is the best choice.

Why It Made The List:

  • Very fast model with SH .21 nitro engine.
  • Everything can be fine tuned.
  • A strong model using thick aluminium where needed.
  • Twin brake system.
  • The lowest price for a model of this advanced level.

You can buy the Warrior Pro RC Buggy Here For £209.99

Best Petrol RC Car

2. Yama Petrol RC Buggy – Pro 30cc Carbon Version

Best Petrol RC Car

The Yama buggy is one of, if not the best selling petrol RC cars and this upgraded pro version is the cream of the crop. The model has everything you would want from a petrol model. A big and fast 30cc engine, upgraded aluminium suspension arms and shocks, exclusive high grip tyres and more. The buggy also looks pretty cool with its carbon effect shell and orange aluminium parts that match the rims. If you are looking to go petrol then this is the one we would recommend.

Why It Made The List:

  • A fast petrol model with upgraded bigger 30cc engine.
  • Aluminium upgraded parts.
  • Cool looks.
  • Good spare parts backup.
  • A lot of model for the price.

You can buy the Yama Pro Petrol RC Buggy For £395 Here

The Winner

1. The Werewolf 1:8 Scale Brushless RC Buggy – Pro Version

Best RC Cars Winner

So here it is, the winner of our best RC cars list. The Werewolf Pro brushless buggy takes things to the next level. In terms of power source the winner had to be a brushless electric. The speed is ridiculous and without the need for any engine tuning or setup. And a buggy wins over an on-road car or monster truck as for most common surfaces a buggy will give the best mix of speed, handling and off road ability. The model itself is feature packed to the brim. There are to many to list here but notably the model is highly configurable, has upgraded aluminium and steel parts where it counts and comes ready for serious racing with three differentials, metal geared servos, CVDs and sway bars fitted as standard. The model is lightening quick already but the 80A ESC and twin space battery compartment means you can run it on two Li-Po batteries for an even further speed boost.

Why It Made The List:

  • Amazing ability on road and off.
  • Very fast.
  • Full of upgrades as standard.
  • Further upgradable power and setup.
  • The best price to speed ratio.
  • Race ready setup.

You can buy the Werewolf Pro for £249.99 here.

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