Gsuk at Swindon

Small race report from Dave Blount

I raced at swindon this weekend and it went pretty well. It was surprisingly warm and therefore a pretty good turnout with a couple of fast drivers. In attendance Qualifying went well, after the first round I was in pole. In round 2 i was out qualified.

but in round 3 I beat my previous time by a few seconds and was tq again.

I was very impressed with just how hard I could push the car. Starting from the front however didn’t really help with the final as my engine bogged badly off the line putting me back in around 4th or 5th. I got back into 2nd after a couple of laps but 3rd was pushing hard and was causing me to lose time on the leader trying to defend. The leader didn’t really make any mistakes but I slowly caught up and passed him around 6 mins in. I then stayed in the lead till the end and won the A final. The car was amazing and was very easy to put down some fast laps without making mistakes

After the final there was a dash for cash which is just a 10mins race but there are no marshalls so if you crash thats it. I did a steady 10 mins and won a very tense race. Overall I was very impressed with the car in the high grip conditions especially in the high speed corners and stability.

GS Racing Storm CLX Pro 1/8th Nitro Rc Buggy KIT